long night

We came up at midnight because, well,because Jim wanted to be home to watch the Eagles play today from the comfort of a room bigger by 10′ by 12′, where there is only a radio. The fact is we did what we had to do, and although 2 electrical outlets were made functional yesterday,we get tired of listening to the generator, and we are sure our neighbors are too.It feels too odd to be up here on a Sunday, but I am hoping to just kick back and relax..that is, after I get my wash off the line. Have a good week. Go Eagles! ...more

Generators: Is This the Way We Show Status Now?

After losing power for several days more than once in our 80-year-old house in Kansas City, my husband and I started thinking seriously about getting a generator. Then my generator-owning, farm-living parents gave us one as a gift. I remember I cried with relief when it was delivered. We then went on to spend hundreds of dollars to have the electrical box wired so we could turn parts of the house on via the box instead of via cords. And then ... we moved. ...more
We want one as well, being in the Midwest.more