Fantasy & Flights of Fancy

According to Wiktionary, flight of fancy: an idea, narrative, suggestions, etc. which is extremely imaginative and which appears to be entirely unrealistic, untrue, or impractical; thinking which is very speculative (synonym = daydream). Fantasy: that which comes from one's imagination & the literary genre generally dealing with themes of magic and fictive medieval technology.Ever wonder why paranormal and fantasy books are all the rage, particularly among teenagers and young adults?...more

Book Country: How to Share That Book in You

As we've been planning and discussing BlogHer Writers '11 (presented by Penguin Publishing in New York City on October 21), we've been asking, "Do you have a book in you?" If you're a genre fiction writer, your life just got easier -- I had a chance to talk to Molly Barton, VP Digital Publishing, Business Development & Strategy at Penguin Publishing and president of Book Country, a community for genre fiction writers (if you're confused by that term, think categories like mystery, sci-fi, romance, thriller) that could vault your novel to new heights. ...more
I love their genre map. I could play with it all day.more

Jennifer Egan Wins Pulitzer Prize, Commits Girl-on-Girl Crime

When I found out that Jennifer Egan won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel, A Visit from the Goon Squad, I was thrilled. Girl power! That lasted about two minutes until someone pointed me to a Wall Street Journal post in which she calls chick-lit genre writing banal and derivative and that her advice to young writers is to aim higher. Oh goody, some literary girl-on-girl crime. ...more

* Sigh *

Two steps forward...three steps back...more