Girly Arms & Other Insults

My friend is the mother of two beautiful, bright, creative boys. And she is a great mom (and friend). But the other day she insulted my daughter. Unintentionally, of course. (this isn't about what she said, but the important issue that was raised,  so please don't read this as a criticism of another mom... just a learning moment for us both!)....more

Spanking Leads to Mental Illness? Wait, what?!

 Look, I’m not a spanking mom. I don’t believe in corporal punishment in general. Mind you, I’m not above a tap on the hand if my child reaches for something dangerous, because that is just a tap with one finger to get his attention(since he is looking where his hand is). However, the following article has rubbed me the wrong way. Spanking Kids Leads to Adult Mental Illnesses  ...more

Put Your Hand in Your Pocket & Other Ways to Avoid Hurting Your Kids

We are firmly in the No. Spanking. Ever. camp of parenting and I absolutely believe that hitting is never the answer to childhood misbehavior. So how did this happen to me? How do I handle my frustrations and urge to scream when I am in the moment? How do I safely control my obsessive three-year-old when he is locked in on hurting his sister, himself or me? How do I not lose it when that same three-year-old is destroying anything he can get his hands on for an entire day? How do I not snap when both kids are screaming crying, my head is pounding and my blood pressure is rising? Well, here are a few of the ways I do......more
 @KristenHarcar Feel free to think of us every thirty minutes! lol I think every single one of ...more

terror as teaching moments?

as a mom, I'm finding my parenting beliefs and concepts challenged and changing on a daily basis. I'm thinking harder about what parenting is and how much of it we do out of habit without taking the time to analyze the 'whys' behind our children's behavior and our own reactions. this is especially the case with discipline. I'm realizing that I hate some of the things we as a society reflexively do to control our kids, much of which involves using terror as teaching moments. ...more
Totally agree. As my twins begin to interact with the world around them much more I'm realizing ...more

How To Talk To Parents About Gentle Alternatives To Spanking

Welcome to the Spank Out Day 2012 Carnival...more

Rethinking Tattling

 She won’t share!He took my crayon!They won’t let me play with them!He looked at me!She poked me!They’re jumping on the couch!He won’t be my friend! ...more

NaBloPoMo day 16: 10 Ways to be a more Connected Parent Today

This is an excerpt from NaBloPoMo Day 16: 10 Ways To Be A More Connected Parent TodayConnected Parenting...more

Boys Need Gentle Parents

An Argument for Gentleness   “Tender tiny fingers grip my seemingly monstrous hand with tightness.  Soft and silky skin so pure and supple, there aren’t words to describe.  This boundless connection delights my heart while bringing tears of joy to my eyes.  I blink and open my eyes again to look at you and am blinded by the light that illuminates, brightens, and warms.  The light you are destined to bring to the world.  It is my promise to you that I will never...more

Attachment parenting works for us & announcements from API

As many of you know, I'm a big advocate of attachment parenting. I've seen the benefits of raising my children according to AP principles such as breastfeeding (feeding with love), baby wearing, responsive nighttime parenting, gentle discipline, etc. My husband Jody and I didn't start out the road to parenting set on AP, it just kind of happened. ...more

A New Site, a New Direction for Attachment Parenting International

When I was pregnant with Gabriel, I picked up a copy of The Baby Book from the Sears Parenting Library and started reading about his "Baby Bs" (breastfeeding, babywearing, etc.) and Attachment Parenting. I had never heard of the term before, but the more I read, the more I knew that this was the respectful, loving way that I wanted to raise my child. ...more