Raising a gentleman

To this day, whenever a man opens a door or holds my chair out for me, I glow a little inside. A little bit of gentlemanly behavior goes a long way these days. And maybe that is one of the reasons why I try to show my son how important it is to be a gentleman. I have taught him to open car doors for me and get the door to restaurants; I have explained to him that it is respectful to let a lady walk first....more


It's another rough day, so here's something I wrote back in the beginning of spring. Hope you enjoy: CONVERSATION:  ...more

Teaching My Son to Dance

He swooped in with one arm around my waist and grabbed my other hand in his. As we glided around the kitchen floor, I asked him, “Who taught you to dance?” “My mom, of course,” he replied and nuzzled his face into my neck. His mom. Of course. She taught him to dance. to open doors for ladies. to do laundry. ...more

My eyes welled up. So beautifully written. Your post is one of my all time favorites. Cynthiamore