Its a Generational Thing

Today's post for NaBloPoMo is What is the one skill you see in other bloggers that you wish you had?I seriously was born in the wrong decade being part of Generation X blows. We got to see Space Shuttles and the Cold War End. I remember when IBM was a small company and opened up shop in the Santa Teresa Hills and that was where we were all going to work one day.I had a horse. A Horse !Growing up I might as well have had a DeLorean where kids today have a real war to deal with and Twitter....more
04Ling if we created the internet why don't we own it. It seems like about 10 years ago someone ...more

GenX References That My Kids Don't Get

I gave him a hug, the young 22-year-old who was graduating from college. Arnold (not his real name) had worked for me at the University since he was an 18-year-old freshman. And here he was. Going out into the real world.He told me about his new job in Milwaukee.“Ooo,” I said excitedly. “Did you know that Milwaukee has a statue of Fonzie?”“Who?” he replied.“You  know, The Fonz?”Blank stare.“From Happy Days?”Blank stare. Followed by a polite smile....more

Monday Morning Quarterbacks of the 80s, Strike a Pose

Judging from my Facebook Newsfeed, you're either in one camp or the other this post-Super Bowl Monday morning....more

Rise in Childfree Gen Xers: Challenging a Rationale

Check out some new data on the childfree: a study conducted by the Center for Work-Life Policy of 3000 Gen X men and women indicates that 43% of college educated Gen X women (ages 33-46) are child-free, “despite about three-quarters of them being in “long-term relationships and living with their...more

I dream of GenY

If you're over 30 you probably don’t yearn to recapture 20-something days of gritty uncertainty. It’s even less appealing if you’re from the tail end of the Baby Boom, a generation gap in itself....more