5 Rent vs. Own Considerations for Gen Y


I dream of GenY

If you're over 30 you probably don’t yearn to recapture 20-something days of gritty uncertainty. It’s even less appealing if you’re from the tail end of the Baby Boom, a generation gap in itself....more

Where are the twenty-something or GEN-Y Bloggers Who Are Writing About Social Change and Nonprofits?

Vanessa, Subject To Change Even though I'm more like twenty-something times 2.5, I attended the "Twenty-Something Meet Up" at the BlogHer Conference. Why did I go? I keep hearing from nonprofits that one of the reasons they want to incorporate a social networking or media strategy is to reach a younger audience. So, having this opportunity listen was very valuable. Zandria did a fabulous job of facilitating the session. There were probably about 40 or 50 women in the room - not all were twenty somethings. ...more

Thanks so much for sharing this .. I knew that the network was inthe works, but wasn't sure ...more

What Do GenYers Really Want From Work?

Now two years out of college, my 24- year -old son is nowhere near being on a career track. I'm thrilled. In fact, as best as I can tell only two of his friends seems to be working in traditional jobs. One is in banking and after bonuses are distributed he may opt to leave that industry--before he gets laid off. The other works for a major advertising agency -- in our world that is considered a traditional job. My definition of a traditional job: benefits and paid vacations. ...more

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As someone of Generation Y also ...more

ABCs of Gen Y

Once upon a time I thought that 24 was old and that as an adult I would have free reign of my life. This meant that I would wake up at 10 AM and I would swim in a pool of sugar cookies and French fries. No one would or could tell me what to do and I would be a free woman. I could be anything I wanted to be and it would all be easy and lovely and if you ever get a chance to see a photo of me at age nine, you will notice that there are tiny rainbows where my pupils should be. ...more

Thank you for your mention Heather. I'm glad you are enjoying the series, I know I certainly am. ...more