Will Free Evolve? The Lessons of Geocities

Way back at the beginning of Internet time, the best thing you could get free was a Geocities account where you could build your own web site. Millions of people did just that. About 38 million, according to Macleans. Geocities began in 1994. It will close officially on October 26, 2009. Fifteen years is quite a ride. ...more

too, because I used it with my students and described it in my books. But I don't have any ...more

LinkedIn to Facebook: social mores of social networks (or are they social graphs?)

The social network thing is still something I'm trying to wrap my brain around. Maybe I'm not alone. While millions of people spend hours a day in these virtual "communities," I wonder if any of us can have the perspective to really grok what's happening ... to us, to our culture, to our media, to our lives. Time marches on, and what today looks like tomorrow is something about which we can only guess. ...more

The topic of LinkedIn and Facebook has been everywhere this past week! I myself asked questions ...more