Gerolltes Kräuterbaguette (Rolled Pesto & Pistachio Baguette)

Just a simple bread recipe, kneaded and rolled up. Stuffed with cheese and nuts. For those of you who enjoy savoury tasting breads, this would be a whole new flavour to attempt at home....more

Hausgemachte Pilzpfanne (Stir-Fried Pan of Mushroom)

Summer has come; is almost gone…...more

Kartoffelknödel – German Potato Dumpling With Cheese & Bacon

It’s really easy to make this dish because the processed mashed potato can be readily purchased from the supermarkets in Germany. The only effort expanded in this attempt is to ensure that all the ingredients go into the potato balls nicely before we roll them up into nice round pouches....more

Plätzchen Baken! Freshly-Baked Cookies To celebrate Christmas

This was something that I’ve learnt to bake in Dresden, Germany – a course that was held for $6 per student for those studying German at the Goethe-Institut. Another purpose of this course was to have students bake enough cookies for the upcoming Christmas party (though we were not paid for getting ourselves involved in the mass production)....more


Grandma Hofacre's Noodle Kugel Pudding:This brings me back home! My families traditional German/Jewish Kugel!The sweetness of the raisans, the savory of the currants and the richness of the butter just sets your taste buds rolling with pleasure! Then you top it with sweet cream and your mouth will scream for more:)))You can find my recipe on my countryfiedwomanskitchen.See ya soon!XO  ...more
My background is similar to yours and I make a few Kugels myself. I love that each recipe has ...more

Cooking my way through my German Heritage.."One Bratwurst at a time!

 This is the first of my cooking adventure..."Cooking my way through my German Heritage"..One Bratwurst at a time! Growing up one of the main staples in my Mom's kitchen was potato salad/German potato salad. Mom is Duth and Irish but her Daddy is American German so she would make him a German Potato salad to die for!...more

Haus-Gemachte Frikadellen – The Classic Danish Meatballs

Frikadellen – pan-fried meat dumplings (usually a mixture of beef and pork) actually originates from Denmark, but has nevertheless made a mark in the Hessian parts of Germany. It’s a must-have at the Wochenmärkte along the German streets, eaten either with their specialty Waldpilz Soße (Forest Mushroom sauce) or with other accompaniments like Bratkartoffeln (stir-fried potato and meat slices), mashed potatoes, salad and Brötchen (buns)....more

German Chocolate Bundt

German Chocolate BundtIf you have a German Chocolate Cake lover in your life, this German Chocolate Bundt is sure to put a smile on their face!...more

The Real Classroom

The Real Classroom  I met my brother and niece at the playground this morning....more