My Last Big Dog

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Dog Walk in the Gloaming

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Poor Wolfie

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The Dog of Thresholds

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Merlin's Beard! Padfoot is Homeless

If you love Harry Potter and dogs, this one's going to sting a bit. Berry, the 10-year-old black German Shepherd that played Padfoot (animagos of Sirius Black) in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, is looking for a new home. After the news broke yesterday, offers of adoption have been pouring in from all over the world. ...more
@LadyAnne I second this sentiment. If they have room in their lives for a 'celebrity' dog, ...more

Courage - UPDATE

I have an update concerning Courage, the German Sheppherd. It seems that his previous owner, the one that let him to die chained to a tree, has been arrested. But that is not the worst of it. His previous owner, suspect Kimberly Nizato, was working in a vet clinic, as a full-time kennel attendant. Yes, you read this right. She worked in a vet clininc and she let her dog to die.  I am sorry, but my brain can't seem to understand this. ...more

maggie moonie

Those who have been to my house can attest to the flurry of orange that mauls them upon entry. Out of love, of course. Because my dog has missed them so much that she simply cannot contain herself. Even if they’ve just met. To sum her up, she’s a sweet, 9 year-old golden retriever who neither retrieves, nor swims. She spooks. Everything makes her jump. Noises, other animals, herself… So on a regular, uneventful day walking Maggie while pushing TWO in a stroller and keeping ONE from racing off can be somewhat stressful. ...more