Nuremberg, Germany through Photography Part 1

Nuremberg, Germany is the second largest city in Bavaria and it is very rich in history, culture, food and well worth a visit.It was selected as the seat of the Holy Roman Empire due to its strategic location in Europe and has seen its share of events that marked them forever....more

Design, comfort, location. Hotel Drei Raben in Nuremberg, Germany

Looking for a small, yet cozy design/boutique hotel in Nuremberg?Willkommen to Hotel Drei Raben (or Three Ravens) which is one of the best hotels in the second largest city in Bavaria.There are only 22 themed rooms and suites over 5 floors and will appeal to travelers, young and the young at heart ;)...more

Germany's Original Sweetheart Calls Silicon Valley Home

Germany’s Original Sweetheart Julia Biedermann Calls Silicon Valley Home...more

1 Week as English Teachers in Germany

Our experience teaching English in Germany was quite an adventure. We signed up through Diverbo, a volunteer program that has immersion schools in Germany and Spain.At first, we both were pretty nervous about participating in this program for a few reasons. We aren’t teachers, and picturing a room full of students staring blankly at us, plus the idea being stuck in a German forest for a week with strangers who spoke little to no English, was pretty intimidating....more
Love the castle!more

Germans in Mourn the Loss of a Legend

Udo Jürgens, the German language pop star died today at the age of 80. Udo is a house hold name in Germany, Switzerland and Austria alike. Everyone loved him, he is a true entertainer and an artist. Three reasons why Udo is my favorite: 1. His songs have meaning. Ein ehrenwertes Haus: is about a “proper” apartment community who is voting to kick out one of the tenants because of lifestyle....more


Fernweh is a German word that means to crave traveling and being homesick for a place you’ve never been. This pretty much sums me up. I have wanted to travel for as long as I can remember. Whether it is by plane, train, or automobile I am ready and I can have my bags packed in 20 minutes. One of my earliest memories is traveling by train from Florida to New Jersey. In motion is where I belong, where I feel most at home....more

The weirdest compliment I've ever gotten

  Weird and strange situations seem to fall upon me quite regularly which are magnified by my complete social awkwardness at times. I was reminded of this particular story quite recently....more

Calling the police in Berlin, Germany

Sending out an SOS…I used to watch TV programmes about terrible neighbours in horror. Then all of a sudden we found ourselves in Berlin with a terrible neighbour of our own....more

Relocating: Things I will definitely NOT miss about Germany

Howdy and happy Friday!  The weekend is finally here. Oh and if you guys don't know what to do: come on over and help me getting this house in order, so I won't have to be ashamed tomorrow while showing the people who want to move in around! The Realtor called in sick, so I will have to do it.... Ugh. ...more
Grapefruitprincess slsandlin I totally understand its a special place!  I had a hand held basket ...more

Dec 12 - Let Them Eat Cake!

The Brothers GrimmHanau, Germany...more