Getting sick at daycare

My son started daycare at 6 weeks old. I remember the heartbreak of leaving him (he was so little!) and the relief of picking him up on that first day (he had gotten bigger!). I did love that facility - the nurturing attitude, the brightly lit rooms, the web cameras for me to check in on him throughout the day. ...more
Very True, Day care means more exposure to germs as all kids come in touch with each other ...more

Sharing the germs with your baby

My son was born via C-section. That definitely was not the way that I wanted to go, but that is the path we had to take. And at the end of the day, I had a healthy baby boy, so that is all that mattered to me. I did the skin-to-skin contact and breastfed him as soon as I was able because I had read so much research on those connections being important to a newborn....more

How often are you sick?

Before I had my son, I got a cold around twice a year. It would annoy me for a few days and maybe even cause me to take a day off work to rest at home. My husband would only get a cold maybe one time a year....more

Something is growing in your car seat

Sometimes when I am at work I look at my keyboard and am disgusted because I can't remember the last time I cleaned it. This is usually followed by a bout of spraying and swabbing it....more

Your Immune System Lives In Your Tummy!

Immunoglobulins are protein-like molecules that play a crucial role in the immune system. We used to call them antibodies. Many immunoglobulins (Ig) are involved in allergic or hyper-sensitivity reactions, but there are two forms of Ig that are involved during a direct assault on our body from a foreign pathogen that may cause illness.Immunoglobulin G, known as IgG, primarily works in the blood stream to identify, attach to, deactivate, and flag foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses and toxins for disposal by white blood cells (remember PacMan)....more

Germs, The Constant Nanny Battle

This is a gross post - just a warning in advance!If you know me at all, you know I’m a teensy bit of a germophobe. (Hey, friends! Stop laughing at me!) I’ve been known to exclaim, “Oh, God! Get away from me if you’re sick! I mean it, do NOT touch me until you’ve washed your hands. Maybe you should sit over there. In the corner farthest away from me,” and “Are you going to throw up? If you’re going to throw up, you get away from me. I don’t want to even see you in my line of vision.”...more

Fun Phobic Fact Friday!

Let's take a break from my usual moroseness lately and get back into the groove of FUN PHOBIC FACT FRIDAY!!Since I've missed so many lately, here are about a billion to tide you over:...more

Hotels AGAIN.

You are all well acquainted with the Things I Do when staying at a hotel....more

Monday Musings: Praising Jesus Edition.

Do they chlorinate baptismal pools in which people are immersed body and soul? Because, I mean, Holy bum-bum germs! (If you will pardon the pun.)...more