The Biggest Loser

I feel like I've been in a bit of a life rut lately. Not in a what am I doing with my life/ why am I here kind of rut...but a Why am I treating every meal like it's a wing eating contest kind of rut. In the past I have written a little bit about how it's hard to be motivated for me to go to the gym. I've written about how I love food a little too much. ...more

Weight Training for Women : Learn the Benefits

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Blast Fat in 20 Minutes

  Have I got a workout for you!  In 20 short minutes you are going to blas...more

Life Changer

It was 4 a.m, I lay quietly in bed, barely able to contain myself. This day had special significance, it was goal setting time. I was hungry with anticipation and quietly rolled down the covers, slipped into my robe and tip toed into the kitchen....more

Lose Fat and Gain The Body of Your Dreams

   At 50 I made the choice to get fit, get healthy and stay that way forever.  My entire adult life had involved going on one fad diet after another and always regaining every ounce that I lost, and usually more.  Let's face it, we all know the kind of foods that make us fat, that inconsistent exercise isn't effective and that we are responsible for the choices we make...good or bad.  There's no better time&n...more