5 Easy Ways To Sell Your Content Marketing Services

You write content. You sell your content marketing services. However, at times you struggle to explain what content is, and what it does. How do you convince a company that it needs your content services? Over the past week, I've been helping several writers to build their service offerings, and do their own content marketing. After all, if you're selling content services, you need to be creating content which sells those services. ...more

Be The Person Decision Makers Love to Hire and Promote!

Have you ever noticed that some professional women seem to get the best projects, clients, contracts and assignments, and their work is always in demand? Business women looking to move up must be constantly reinventing themselves, determining what skills they possess, acquiring those they need, and broadening their professional goals. Human resource professionals agree that executives consider the following skills and attitudes among the most important in promoting professional growth:...more