5 mistakes to avoid when pricing your services

[Editor's note: Fall season is here, which means many of us crafties will be making items or teaching workshops for seasonal events. Before you write up those price stickers, read over this informative article on the topic! - Kathy]Whether you’re just starting up your business or you’re launching a program, one of the greatest challenges that you may be struggling with is deciding what to charge. If you are – don’t worry. Many service-based businesses struggle with this, even I did when I first started out in business – some 15 years ago!...more
Great topic and post. My strategy is to always price yourself above or below your competition ...more

Rejected? Keep in touch strategies to turn prospects into clients

You’ve spent countless hours preparing your program launch. Everything is moving forward like clockwork and the last email is just about to go out. With the special offer you’ve included you’re expecting to generate some real interest from your list. Then it happens - the thing you dread the most. No signups. Has this happened to you? You’re certainly not alone. I’m sure we all have a sad story to share about a program launch that didn’t get any (or many) signups....more