Paging Boy Scouts of America!...Please Report to the 21st Century!

So I was more than a little taken aback by the fact that yet another Boy Scouts of America Charter was revoked as reported CNN several days ago.  This time it was a church out of Seattle and (good for them!) they refused to fire their pack's gay scoutmaster.  This scoutmaster, by the way, was a 49-year-old decorated Eagle Scout ...more
Do you have a blog address or FB page or anything? I like this story and would love to see more ...more

Stop Struggling; Achieve Your Goals

 Happy New Year from Spot-On Branding!  Here’s to a safe and happy new year – and here’s to an exciting 2012 at The Branding Spot blog!Since the New Year is both a time for reflection and a time to look forward with hope, I’ve decided to share a few key lessons that I’ve learned over the years.  Sometimes I still struggle with some of these ideas – and you might too!  It happens.  The important thing is to keep everything in perspective, and to always remain positive....more

The Seventh Day of Awe: Honesty