How To Get Things Done When You Feel Overwhelmed & Stuck

Do you wonder why you never seem to get anything substantial done, even though you feel like you are go-go-going all the time? Do you often wonder how you will ever get through your to-do list? Do you feel frustrated?  Maybe even stuck?...more

Do It - Spring Into Action - Don't Wait

It is magnificent to do it now, to spring into action and get things done. There are a lot of reasons to explain why people refuse to spring into action. Procrastination happens, that is a fact that cannot be changed or ignored....more

How to Deal with Extreme Overwhelm

Your palms sweat. You lose sleep. Your mind spins. These are just a few of the symptons of extreme overwhelm. Sometimes you just need to snap out of it! This post by Emily Bennington shows you how to deal with extreme overwhelm and keep your sanity. ...more

3 Golden Rules to Get People to Answer Your Emails

Today I was enjoying the mini-mastermind group that I participate in. One person brought to the table the challenge of getting people to respond to their emails. Lack of response is delaying the organizations progress (while also driving him nuts as the project leader). What should he do? This is a great question! I hear this from small business owners and corporate leaders alike. So, how do you get people to give you the responses you need by when you need them? Follow these 3 golden rules and you'll be amazed what happens. ...more
Leading the subject line with "Action Required," "Response Requested," or "For Your Information" ...more

Find Your Rhythm

Being self-employed is a distance run, not a sprint.  It doesn’t “end”.  Therefore the habits you put into place at the start of your business need to be sustainable.  Some might say achieving balance is impossible, and they are right. But, not in the way you think they are… I believe balance is an elusive and unattainable goal.  More stress is created in people today because of their quest to achieve balance than in simply creating a rhythm to life that works for you regardless of whether that meets some nebulous balance criteria. ...more
Would be interested to have an update on your quest for finding your rhythm and invite you to ...more

Are You Up for The Challenge?

I challenge you to a race…A race against time. A race against yourself.What could you do faster? Where would a bit lower quality be OK if it saved you time? What is necessary, but you’d like to spend less time on it?Perfection is the enemy of time. Distraction is the enemy of time. Overwhelm is the enemy of time. Mindless activities are the enemy of time.We are often our own worst enemy of time.In many cases, we can do something to save, recover, and take back that time....more

If You Only Have 10 Minutes Between Appointments

For many of us our days look like one fast moving train from one to-do to another. Down-time is hard to come by and often the stress level gets so high you can't stand it. Often, there are snippets of time in your day that you can claim to either get things done or de-stress. Believe me, if you capitalize on these little 10 minute miracle moments you can not only be more productive but also claim more free time for yourself. ...more

These are great tips. I do find taking a few minutes to deep breathe or meditate can really ...more