Is Ann Curry Having the Last Laugh?

This post is about being a woman because I really think if the main character in this story had been a man, the folks in charge would have figured out a better way to handle the whole situation. Remember when Ann Curry got fired from the Today Show this past summer?  Of course you do.  We all do.  (But in case you somehow don’t, here’s one link –of the thousands out there-- that can bring you up to speed: )...more

Even If I Don't Get Paid

The first and only time I was fired from a job--and I've had many jobs--it was Rick, my own sweet husband, who fired me from our pizza shop. I've told this story before. He knew I was miserable making other people's dinner, and out of love, and maybe self preservation, he set me free to find something I'd love doing. It was terrifying. And that was when beadmaking found me. It was wonderful for a long time. Then it was less wonderful....more

Unemployment: Day One

Last night was awesome – I celebrated my first night of unemployment. (Again.) ...more

Reflections on Being Fired

I was walking near Lincoln Center about a week after I got fired. The weather was glorious and I felt like every breath I took brought me higher and higher. I wanted to hug everyone harder and harder. I had a glow. I was in love with every morsel of life and I finally had time to taste every bite. ...more