You Know You're An Adult When...

I’ll be honest: most times, even at the ripe ol’ age of 33, I don’t feel like an adult.  It’s probably the not-married/not-a-parent thing, but also the fact that I tend to have some  –let’s call them “immature” – interests and also still goof off like a teenager.But there are definitely times in my life (and they’re becoming more and more frequent) where I do or say something and it’s like, oh…shit.  I AM an adult.  That happened.   ...more
SixPackMommy I think keeping a bit of immaturity and goofiness is healthy, actually!  My 89 year ...more

Acne and Wrinkles: The Two-Stage Life Overlap That Just Doesn't Seem Fair

I'd like to file a complaint, if possible. I guess it should go to the Department of Getting Older, should such a thing exist. See, it offends me deeply on a personal level that I have to buy products to stop both acne and wrinkles. It seems to me that if you have to go through the humiliation of one of these conditions, you should automatically be disqualified from dealing with the other for a while. The double stage overlap is just a slap in the face. Pun intended....more

10 Things That Are Not Cool About Getting Older

1. Mail no longer consists solely of care packages, CDs from Columbia House, letters from your best friend dotted with hearts, and magazines containing quizzes about how to land the man/woman of your dreams.  Now your mail has nothing but bills, fliers for gutter cleaning, and quizzes from your financial advisor entitled “What Will College Cost When Your Child is 18?”  Do not, under any circumstances, EVER take this quiz.  It will scare you so badly you will actively root for your child to fail his second grade spelling test....more

What Forty-Three Means To Me

I turned forty-three yesterday; it’s been such a muddled confused year that it was a little anticlimactic because I have mistakenly been telling people I am forty-three for the last year.  I totally missed forty two. That’s okay because forty-two and forty-three are almost interchangeable,  generic numbers really.  I spent some time skiing yesterday, trying to survive as I careened down a mountain side, thinking about what turning forty-three means to me.FORTY THREE...more

The Age-Old Question on Ageing

Growing Up, Growing Older

Happy Friday!  I seem to be ahead of the game (in my head) on the whole blogging thing this week.  Therefore I'm going to participate in 5 on Friday and Oh, Hey Friday! again this week.  And hope that I can eke out some time to check out some of the other fantastic posts! ...more

Time makes you bolder...

“How are you holding up,” my friend asked me a year ago today.“Fine!” I answered with forced enthusiasm.She didn’t say a word but raised her eyebrows, questioning my answer.“I’m fine,” I repeated.  “Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked as my mind raced.  Truth be told,  I was beyond stressed, overwhelmed and quite irritable....more

Why I Don't Have a Bucket List

This is my birthday week. On Saturday I will be 34 years young or old depending on if you’re a glass have full/empty type of person. I’ve done some things in my life that I’m quit proud of but I still have a lot of things I’d love to do. I make lists all of the time of things I want to do. Mental lists, physical lists, lists on sticky notes, napkins ok so you get the point. I like lists. The one thing I don’t have is a bucket list. I know they’re a big deal for a lot of people but what happens when you’re done with that list?...more
Denise Thank you!more

31 Things I've Learned at 31

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday.  31 was actually a great year for me, and I got to thinking about all the things I've learned about myself and others in the past 365 days.   Ladies & Gents, I bring you: 31 Things I've Learned at 31.---------------------------------------------------------------------...more

26 Things You Learn at 26

As I prepare to say goodbye to good ole' twenty-six, and give a warm hello to twenty-seven, I began thinking about all that this last year has taught me.Twenty-six was full of trials and tribulations, excitment and opportunity, and overall I grew leaps and bounds. It earned me a new career, renewed confidence in myself, and an appreciation for all that I have been through. Here is a compliation of 26 things that I learned at twenty-six, which will hopefully make me a (much) smarter twenty-seven year old....more