Have a Baby, Win a Prize! (Honest)

In my book –The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons for Living Happily Single and Childfree– I tell a story about the time when my (by then, married) ex tried to talk me into having a baby with him by offering me lots of money, a live-in nanny, and a new apartment.  (Spoiler alert:  I didn’t do it.)...more

Decisions, decisions

Right now, more than at any other point in my life, I find myself surrounded by friends in varying life stages, especially when it comes to kids. I have a few single friends without kids. One who is contemplating her first. A few who are thinking maybe a second child is in order…at some point. One who has begun the adoption process. And a few who have decided they are done with babies....more

I had always been the girl to never want kids of my own, but would love to settle down with a ...more

Under Pressure

For a while this past spring, I decided I was okay with the idea of having another baby. I wanted Emerson to have a sibling, a playmate, and to learn how to share and work together and have patience with a little brother or sister. And then that feeling passed. ...more

About five years ago, before we were married, my husband and I agreed we only wanted one child. ...more

Austism is Our Fourth Child... Isn't It?


The "second child" syndrome

During these days of Christmas, I remember a couple of years ago when we were waiting on our daughter to make her arrival. She'll be two in January, and you know what that means. When's the next one coming? Are you thinking about having more kids? How many years are you thinking between kids? Have you thought about having another one?...more

Adventures in Conception

I guess a glass of wine was just what I needed. A couples hours after arriving home from the company Christmas Party I awoke in pain I hadn't felt since high school.  Those horrendous cramps that had me doubled over for much of my teenage years were back and unrelenting.  Along with it came a flood.  The remainder of my week I locked myself in my office popping tylenol and thanking the lord for heating pads....more

IS Your Bedroom Fertility-Friendly?

Discover  Simple, Easy Ways to Turn Your Bedroom  into a Fertility-friendly Love Nest that Could Help You Get Pregnant Faster! By Colette Bouchez When it comes to getting pregnant, sometimes it's the little things that matter most!...more

Stereotype Alert! My Indian Name Should be "Pees On Sticks"

If it wasn't harrowing enough to have to commit urine to a couple of pregnancy tests each month (for the last 18 or so) while crossing my fingers for a positive result, now I'm doing it on a daily basis with OPKs--ovulation predictor kits.  At first glance, they look just like your standard pregnancy tests with their slender white sheaths and pastel plastic caps....more

The Man Cave

by Kristen Magnacca for FertilityAuthority There's a special place for the male in your life to escape and contemplate life. I define it as "The Man Cave:" The Man Cave: A solitary place for escape for males, perhaps your husband or partner. A place to retreat when contemplating a given challenging situation. A space is used for the purpose of regrouping and recharging....more

The Art of Making Babies