The Queen of ProcrastiNation

So there are these brown cardboard boxes currently sitting on the floor of my home office. Two of them, actually, that have been taking up space for as long as we've been living in this house and have been progressively getting more and more full to the point where they are now overflowing. Two boxes that make the room look and feel cluttered, that I trip over when I go to the filing cabinet, that are filled with stuff that needs to be dealt with already. ...more

Finding time for All The Things

Before I moved to my current home, I lived in one of Victoria, British Columbia's (slightly) less expensive bedroom communities, about a 20-minute drive outside of the city. I worked full time at an office in downtown Victoria, so my morning routine began with a 6:00 a.m. alarm, included a 40- to 50-minute (depending on traffic) bus ride into the city, and concluded with picking up coffee and breakfast from the Starbucks around the corner from my office before starting work at 8:30 a.m. ...more
When I WFH I start early right away, then break for shower & coffeemore

My 5 Most Powerful Daily Habits

We all have habits, some good, some bad. Or shall I say, some that move us forward toward an inspiring future and others that keep us stuck in the past. Habits are where the intersection between life and business becomes even more blurry than usual (and those of you that read me regularly know I have a pretty expanded concept of how life and business intersect). This is why I wanted to share my most powerful daily habits with you. ...more
I work better when I don't multitask. It's not just the stress, but I also use multitasking as a ...more

Confession: I Really Don't Need More Hours In A Day

I'm embarrassed to even murmur about there not being enough hours in a day when there are working women with children that not only get themselves ready for work but feed/dress their kids, knock out a few household chores and drop the kids off at daycare/school before they arrive at work. I find myself to be a complete liar when I say I don't have time to exercise when it's not uncommon for me to see a coworker jogging during their lunch hour while I, on the other hand, use that time to eat. ...more
 @keeksaz You probably also notice how much more you can get done after you've had sometime to ...more

Getting Things Done

During my quest to get organized, my brother recommended a book called Getting Things Done by David Allen.  I started to read the book, but after a while, it became kind of tedious, and the system is really rather simple when broken down.  The idea is that if you have good systems for corralling all the things you have to do, your mind can be more productive and creative because it's not worried a...more

What do you Regret NOT having done in 2011?

Before I had children  —oh, the distant memories of actual free time— I used to spend a day or two (*gasp*) of each New Year reflecting on the previous year: mistakes, lessons learned, ways I was proud of myself, etc.  After that I’d set new goals and things to work towards for the New Year....more

Is Multi-Tasking Making You Stupid?

Let me respond to email while sending a tweet as I'm on the cell phone drinking my coffee. Sound familiar? When was the last time you did only one thing at a time? If you laugh at the notion, perhaps you need to pay attention because all this multi-tasking and e-mailing might be making you stupid and costing you time, money, and peace of mind. ...more
LOVE this, especially considering the post I wrote this afternoon on something similar.  I have ...more

Setting goals and achieving what you want in life

This website is home to my hopes and dreams. To create some kind of order in the chaos of my thoughts, I’ve decided to put up 75 goals (as a number to start with) that I want to achieve in 1500 days. I will use this blog as a way to evaluate how things turned out for me. Hopefully, this blog will also inspire other people to create some sort of “to-do list”!...more