Preschool Pointers - 35: Bring Them

ve some adult things to do, like bring a paper to your college campus before 6 p.m., pick up some food for dinner, or run errands. You have no one to watch the kids.Solution:Just do it. Just bring them. Tell them what you are doing beforehand, and how you need them to behave. At four, they should be able to do you a favor. Like behave. Haha....more

When You're in the Water of Motherhood

When you are in the water, you don’t know you are wet. You don’t feel the wetness. You don’t actually feel how wet you really are until you are out of the water. Or if you are dry and get splashed by the water, then you are sensitive to the wetness. But, when you are in the midst of the wetness… immersed… drowning even… you don’t feel wet. There is just water all around you....more
Thank you for the kind words, Cristi! There are time I feel that way too! Wouldn't it be nice ...more

Get Out of the House (for Free!)

There's a whole other half of summer to get through, and here in is HOT. Parks are basically out, but there are lots of things you can do with your kids for free (or cheap)...that usually cost money! Here are a few of the things we've found to keep us occupied and out of the house during this 100+ degree weather: 1) LIBRARY: ...more

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone to Meet Other Moms

This past fall, I was invited by a family member to join in a MoPS program. When it began this past September, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, and had some reservations. I was going completely out of my element by going to an event where I'd only know 2 people. I'm not very good at socializing or mingling, so I usually avoid these situations if at all possible. Since Mark's arrival, if I want to meet new people, I've been trying to do better about stepping into these situations!...more
 @imnotasupermom I've only attended a mops_itl  at one location, so I can't confirm that your ...more

Toddler Tricks - 85: Make the Old New

Problem: With toddlers, there are only so many options you have for an easy, fun day. Sure you could go on many adventures right outside your door, or, for the more adventurous, you could even do day trips to parks, museums, the mall and the like, but by 3.5, your kids have likely been there, done that. Usually it doesn't matter. They like routine and repetition after all. But I don't like the shine coming off of our weekly park trips. I need the girls out of the house, and it's easiest for me when they're really excited about where we're going....more

Toddler Tricks - 81: Get Out of the House

Problem: You have so much to do. So much. And at every turn, your toddlers stand in your way. You pick up the crayons, they splay the videos out on the floor. You wash the counters, they finger paint the walls. You vacuum, they spill sugar in the kitchen. And forget about doing any adult work that's not house cleaning. Your children insist that you will be paying all of your attention to them today, all day. Otherwise, you'll be sorry. But with all of their antics, your rate of progress is so slow that you can't stop to play with them. You can't go outside....more

Turn It Around

Unless you're a perfect parent, with perfect children, or a much better disciplinarian than I am, you're well accustomed to the dreaded adult-stare your toddlers can garner when out in public....more
I think we have all been there at some point in time most adults that are standing in that line ...more

Toddler Tricks - 72: Speak Their Language

Problem: You have errands lined up that will take the whole of the afternoon, and your toddler has other plans. Be it dawdling, tantruming, playing or teasing, your kids are not getting back in the car. You have four more places to hit before dark. If you force them now, you'll only give yourself a miserable three hours and be stuck in the car with a couple of wailers. What do you do?SOLUTION:...more

With Toddlers, Sweat the Small Stuff

Living with a toddler is like playing an intricate game of chess where at any time your opponent could render the entire game moot by throwing all the pieces in your face and tossing the board aside before stomping to her room. I admit, I spend a lot of time carefully determining where I put that pawn each day so that eventually my queen gets my toddlers' king in checkmate. Usually, I'm not careful enough and the pieces lie scattered around my feet as I look to the heavens and ask...why? ...more

Step Out of your Comfort Zone - It's Worth It

It was a lazy Sunday morning when I got a text from my friend Yasmin, who has a little boy, two years old."What are you doing today?"Well, we weren't doing anything, yet. We had thought about maybe going to the springs or the pool, whatever we usually do on a sunny Sunday, usually only including our own family. We don't do much hanging out with others. We should.They were going to a park that normally we wouldn't have access to, so we decided, sure, we would tag along. What time were they leaving?12:30 p.m.Oh. Nap time....more