Autism in Ghana: One School's Success Story

The first thing I noticed on arriving at the Autism Awareness, Care, and Training (AACT) school in Accra, Ghana was how much it reminded me of my son's autism school here in California. Both are places of peace, calm, and competence plus the occasional whoop, shout, or "eeeee," while students and staff radiate not just positivity but confidence. This is because students are encouraged to learn to the best of their abilities, and are appreciated for exactly who they are. AACT is a remarkable place. ...more
Meghan_Hussey Interested in any information/links you have about autism approaches/schools etc. ...more

Things I Learned Taking My Teen to Ghana, West Africa

Before I had kids I always imagined that my brood would be a globe-trotting one, with summer breaks spent introducing my kids to the rest of the world and vice versa. Now that I actually have kids, I've realized those daydreams were a bit of a stretch -- my two youngest kids would rather stay home unless we're going to their grandparents' homes or Disneyland, and my husband's vacation time allotment, while generous, is not unlimited. But that doesn't mean I can't still wring out the occasional jaunt, which is how I ended up taking my fourteen-year-old daughter to Ghana. ...more
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The Olympics When Your National Team Sucks

Up until that point, I had never encountered pride and loyalty in such real, palpable form. Their team's victory transformed everyone in that bar, without displacing anything at all. I have never felt more envious than I did then, looking around me at all the people who had followed their team through the ups and downs to see them take down their rival. There was laughing and hugging and kissing like these fans were survivors of an impossible struggle who'd come out triumphant. I suppose that in a sense, they were. ...more
If you ever want a unique fan experience. I suggest Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. The ...more

Fufu or Bust - a culinary visit to Ghana

I’ve always liked food that is both exotic and fiery in the pepper department. This is either in spite of, or due to the fact that I grew up a middle class Anglo Canadian – typical supper fare was slightly overdone pork chops, apple sauce, potatoes and a vegetable. Salt, pepper and ketchup populated the world of spices I knew.In highschool I met a whole new world in the form of Caribbean immigrants and the amazing foods they ate at home.Oxtail stew, jerk chicken, goat roti – these quickly became my favourites. The hotter the better.In ...more

Alternative to Halloween - Fun with Anansi

A few ideas  for a fun filled evening with Anansi the spider.   This little spider will make you laugh at his antics.  The Anansi Folktales originated in Ghana West Africa but are known around the world!  The Fall is a great time to  re-tell and celebrate the adventures of the original Spiderman – Anansi !   Many people  today are looking to find alternatives to  scary,  shadow filled  Halloween parties....more

WVFC Monday World News Newsmix

In the third week since the Israeli military began attacking Gaza in "Operation Cast Lead," the women of Neve Shalom / Wāħat as-Salām--a cooperative town in the "no man's land" along the Israel-Palestine border--are mak ...more

Cosmopolitan Ghana - the Accra of today

The Accra I met more than a decade ago, on my arrival in Ghana was a crowded, hot humid yet dusty hive of activity. For the naïve volunteer set, of which I was a gold star member, it was an overwhelming sense of the absoluteness of cultural difference. There was nothing remotely familiar and we basked in the alien experience. ...more

Empty nest expat - the emotions without the nest

Words prove inadequate to capture the majority of life’s most poignant moments and gripping emotions. This morning I breezed by the empty bedroom, door wide open, dusty abandoned papers – the sum of eight years of private school in Ghana - left in sliding piles… Where the door would once be almost closed, the hum of the airconditioning purring and the soft breath of a teenager, sleeping, sleeping within. ...more

Hair Woes: culture shock at the saloon

I received a mail today from a guy who happened upon my blog – always nice when that happens… Anyway, after the usual ‘niceties’ between bloggers, “Great blog! Keep it up!” etc., he directed me to his blog where I found a great post he had written, which was featured in the Washington Post, about his experience getting his first haircut in Tokyo.  He is a black American guy and had avoided the barber shops for fear of the blank looks he’d get when he walked in. The complete lack of experience they would ...more

Hi - thanks for the reply! It took about 2 months till my hair felt ok again. But i am such a ...more

More waste, corruption and lack of logic on the NGO scene in Ghana

Lately I’ve been in touch with various players in the fields of Aid and development for Africa. Time and time again I am faced with overly positive, self assured people who are confident that they are doing their part to end poverty, or AIDs, or malaria, or even traffic injuries in children in Africa. They dedicate their time and positive energy to a fault. They believe in and trust the organizations that work in these countries to carry out the good work for the right reasons, to a positive end. ...more