The Night My Mother's Ghost Comforted My Daughter

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My  best  Frends Dad just got cream  Infiniti  JX SUV  by working  part time  online.  try  this ...more

Did You Know I Don't Actually Exist?

Did you know that I don’t exist? I am so far off the grid that the government doesn’t even know that I was ever here. My whole life is operating in Ghost Protocol right now....more

The Returning Lego Piece

My son, Bodhi, was showing my older son, Kaleo, a Lego piece that was chewed up by our dog. I heard Kaleo say, “Whoa! How did that get there?” When I asked what was going on, Kaleo told me that he had thrown that piece in the trash a month ago. It somehow reappeared. He said it was the same piece because it had the same markings on it. I said, “Maybe it stuck to your hand when you threw it away.”He said, “No. I saw it land in the trash.”I said, “Maybe a leprechaun did it.”Bodhi said, “Stupid leprechaun!”...more

Blame It On The Ghost Boy

Today, the air conditioning in the Zumba room wasn’t working. I blame it on the ghost boy that supposedly haunts the gym. I’ve never seen him, but I know people who have encountered him. My friend heard him and felt him walk up behind her in that very room when she was alone late at night. I’m not afraid of him and don’t have a reason to be afraid....more

Ghost Love

He writes of solitary things,My Love.Babbles about them.Tiny Tim walking with elephants,And Father President.And that lovely boy, the oneFlying in on the wingsOf a paper crane.How can I sleepWhen my hands and my feetAre so scarred With your remains?A mothers kiss,A perverted wish,And a doomsday letter to open....more

Is Jefferson, Texas Haunted?

Located on the Big Cypress Bayou in Northeast Texas, Jefferson could (and should) be considered a portal for time travel, because once you cross over the Bayou, it takes visitors back to the Golden Era with horse-drawn carriages, steamboats, and red brick streets. If you are looking for history, then Jefferson (population 2,024), is the place you want to be....more

Salem, Massachusetts

Tale of the Perverted Poltergeist

So, I’d like to celebrate Tie-One-On-Tuesday, but I can’t because a poltergeist keeps stealing my bourbon. ...more
LOL! I think the same ghost visits my house and does the exact same thing! Plus he makes a huge ...more

Too Pretty (For My Mom)

My mom was a dear, sweet lady.  Loving, yet quiet and reserved – a lot like me (yeah, right).  She held deep religious beliefs and lived by those her whole life.  My mom always encouraged me and let me know that she valued and loved me.  That’s not to say that we didn’t have some awful times – ah, the teenage years – but I always knew my mom loved me and I loved her.  My mom was not much of a disciplinarian; that was left to my dad and, actually, to my grandmother who cared for me as my mom was one of the few moms working outside the home back in the 60’...more

Paranormal Romance Film: Never Can Say Good-bye

 Never Can Say Good-bye is a paranormal romance reminiscent of the Reincarnation of Peter Proud and Fatal Attraction. Elizabeth arrives in Coyote Springs to help a friend. Instead she learns that love and hate survive death....more