T&T Catches Up with LA Director Fernando J. Scarpa

I feel very honored that Fernando appreciated my interview with him so much that he would call to keep me updated on the progress of the project. I then asked him what else was in store for the new year? To which he responded, "Actually, since you asked, it's a perfect thing for Tinsel & Tine, as my next short film features a real life vegan celebrity chef - very Film and Food!"...more

The Atlanta Ghost Hunters - Part 1



Sometimes I am immobilized by those 'light bulb moments', when I see the truth staring at me in glaring black and white.  You know those Kodak moments, don't you?  I am blessed/cursed with them at the same time.  I do not want to see the raw naked truth.  I rather not be in the know.  And that is the honest truth.  Is there any other kind?...more


From my personal blog.My laughter echoed into the frightened silence on the other end of the phone.“Oh, come on,” I said, not realizing that the lack of response wasn’t forced. “It’s funny now, but all that stuff you said when we were kids was a joke, right?”Again, there was only silence. Finally, he said, “I don’t like to talk about that anymore. It was scary.”“Right,” I said, still laughing. I finally realized he wasn’t, nor was he working to hold any humor back. “Wait, are you serious?”...more

On Dust and Doubts

I hestitated writing about this. I really did. But when it comes down to it I know I just need to put it out there. Because I write about my journey here. And to me, this is interesting stuff. So I thought I'd share it.I need to back up a bit before I try to tell this story. In the 7th grade I took a speech class. Our first assignment was to pick an interesting topic and write a ten minute speech about it. We would be graded on our presentation by delivery, visual aids and the overall knowledge of our topic....more
I don't see the orbs, but I do see something that looks like a vaguely human shaped shadow in ...more

Creepy or Cool Beans?

Lilo has only recently started to use the word “creepy” correctly. She used it like the word “awesome” for a while, and it was funny as hell. Now, she is able to denote when something is creepy v/s when it is cool beans. Which brings me to something that is both creepy AND cool beans. Parents were asked about the weirdest things their little kids have ever said to them. I don’t think people were expecting quite this level of “why did my skin just crawl and why are the hairs on the back of my neck standing up”. ...more
W.T.F I've read a lot of these before, but not the one about "Kelly in the closet." UGH. My son ...more

Call of Duty: Apartment Ghosts

-By Zoe (@zoeshrugged on Twitter)There are times when life imitates art imitating life- or something like that. Then, there are times when your own stupidity becomes your worst enemy. Although I like to think the situation from last night possessed a certain je ne sais qua of the former, the latter situational assessment may be more accurate. ...more

Who walked here once?



This is how you start over.  You let the ghosts from the past float over you so they aren't part of your present.  I wanted to write this on my Facebook page as a note, but something told me that it would come out as a woman ranting on her past.  Nobody would understand why I did what I did.  So I thought and thought.......more

Only if they pull their weight

NaBloPoMo November 2012 Prompt Friday, November 16, 2012: Would you buy your dream house if the price was right BUT you also were told it was inhabited by ghosts? That depends. What kind of ghosts are we talking about? ...more