Can GI Diet Help in the Management of Diabetes?

  We bought a nice big pot and sowed some parsley seeds in it. After some days it sprouted and a very strange thing happened. I guess pigeons love tender parsley leaves. Two pigeons just keep sitting inside those young seedlings and keep on pecking the leaves, as if they are enjoying a great feast. Even little pigeons are aware of healthy eating.  ...more

How Do You Choose a Diet?

A funny thing happened to me on the way to making a living, I went from being someone who had never dieted in her life and hated diets to someone who had never dieted in her life, hated diets and found herself a bit of an expert in diets and dieting. Funny how being good at your job can lead you into fields you never thought you'd explore. ...more

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I have looked at the South Beach Diet and it is not ...more