Gabby, Are You Feeling the Love?

I watched, I cried, I hugged and I smiled. Oh, my, did I smile. I knew I liked Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I suspected she and I had more in common than just that day in Tucson....more
I'm so glad both of you are okay. :)more

A Segue Between Weekends of Violence and Peace

As we approach Martin Luther King Day shaken by the massacre  in Arizona, I ask that we, the spcaLA family,  remind ourselves of the work we are doing together to combat violence, and, to recommit to model compassionate behavior and perform an act of kindness towards a living being at least once a day....more

Gabrielle Giffords Shot and 6 Killed Today

Wow, I cannot imagine how difficult that is for you.

When tragedy hits so close, it hits ...more