Learning New Skills: Animated Gifs

I started this blog two years ago, for many reasons. I wanted an outlet for writing my thoughts and a way to practice writing, and I also hoped that it would garner some attention for my writing. But more than that, I knew it would be a great tool for learning new skills....more

Gifs Are Bad, Mmkay?

Look, so a lot of my friends don't like the debates. This completely shocked me because I love them. And not only do I love them, but I love all the hoopla that comes along with them. I love the random shouting of stupid things on the internet. I mean, otherwise would I even have a Facebook account?The truth is, the people complaining about my superb FB statuses, with such gems as "Oh, a whole MILLION people, Ryan? That's your small businesses?"And: "SIX WHOLE studies?"...more