Greening Your Child's Gift Exchange

It's that time of year again.  Time to wrap up the business of the classroom and enjoy a few holiday activities before a well-deserved Christmas vacation.  The last hurrah?  An afternoon party to celebrate, complete with games, crafts, a treat, and a gift exchange....more

Thanks for reading! Inexpensive & quality are the key. :)more

Secret Santa Can Rescue Your Holiday Budget

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas shopping season is firing on all cylinders. According to a November Gallup poll, Americans expect to spend $714 on holiday gifts this year. Like everyone, I want to give great gifts to all of my friends. But I also don't want to break the budget. So, here is a not-so-secret method for getting through the holidays without going over budget: the Secret Santa exchange. ...more

My friends and I decided to do an un-Secret Santa exchange this year. We know who has whom, but ...more

How To Get Expensive Gifts For Next to Nothing.

With money tight for almost everyone this year, here’s a tip that just might help everybody get all the expensive books, CD’s, video games, and DVD’s they want. And you won’t have to spend much if anything at all to do it. Have a gift exchange. Instead of buying those expensive presents, get together with friends and family and do an exchange. Here’s the hitch, all the items must be used. If you do buy something, it has to be used as well. ...more

On Hatred of All Things Crafty

When the idea for a family gift exchange first came up this year, my initial response was, "Wait. I'm poor. I can't afford Christmas." And then I thought, "OOH! Unless we did a CRAFT exchange in which we gave homemade arts and crafts to each other." And then I laughed. I am NOT a crafty person. Nor am I a "do it yourself" sort of person. ...more

I get my "awesome" (or lack of) craft-skill from my mom.  I am with you, I would ...more