T2B's Father's Day Gift Ideas

It’s time to show your main guy how special he is and how much you appreciate all that he does for your kids, your family financially and to help around the house.  Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to shower him with gifts, kisses and…a little more! ...more

The Christmas Present Pile-Up: How Do You Avoid Buying Too Much?

I have always been of the idea that Christmas should be an over-indulgent, gaudy, extravagant holiday. What can I say? I love to give. ...more
I was raised on Christmases with loads of presents (though also a horror of debt), but I've ...more

Channelling Our Inner Oprah

Recently I heard a story that made me think of what it would be like to be Oprah.My friends were about to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. His son and family live in London so they don’t get to see much of one another. A few days before the anniversary, the son called my friends and said he had prepared a big surprise for them. He had arranged for a limo to pick them up and take them to a five star restaurant in Chicago. The son had made all the arrangements for the special celebration....more

Are You An Expert Gift Giver?

Does anyone else buy gifts largely based on the recipient's ease of returning said gift?...more


www.janesadventuresindinner.com I love nutella. I really, really do. I lvoe baking with it. I love it on bread. I love it for a few sneaky tastes on its own… you get the idea. I’m not really thrilled with the amount of sugar in it though and so I thought it would be a good idea if I gave it a go on my own AND my favourite nuts are almonds so I was able to do a little changeroo there as well. Shockingly easy and I’m pretty happy with its ‘healthiness’. No, this isn’t an everyday treat but it is yummy and fun....more

How To Never Fail At Gift Giving Again

It takes far more than ten fingers to count the number of gifts my husband has given me that I have returned....more
This is a great, great post! I've picked up that book so many times, wanting to read it, but ...more

A Lesson in Gratitude: I Received a Gift and Threw a Fit

I watched as my little friends opened boxes and found brightly colored necklaces and bracelets, fake diamond rings and all sorts of things that sparkled and shined. It was all inexpensive jewelry designed for a child, but to me it looked like pure gold. My friends immediately pulled the bracelets on over their hands and onto their tiny wrists. They slipped on rings and held out their hands like they'd just gotten engaged. ...more
Your momma did good (: This totally brought tears to my eyes because I do see my childhood ...more

Of gift giving and armadillo poop.

My sweetheart has proposed that instead of stuff-giving for $WINTERHOLIDAY, people should give experiences. His (rather sound) theory is that when you think of things that have mattered, experiences are what come to mind rather than trinkets.I admit to having a great childish love of presents. But perhaps he has a point.Several years ago, someone gifted me with a lovely suede purse. The front was decorated with a Celtic knotwork deer, beautifully crafted, and I would never have put that much money out for something for myself...but oh heavens, was it worth every penny....more

The Spirit of Giving!

How do you buy a gift? Oh, I bet it varies. It depends on who the gift is for, right? Well, let us back up a bit. What is a GIFT? ...more

Hostess Gift Guide