Why You Should Make Presents for Your Kids

Pa made the wheat wall hanging with Grandpa, so the story goes. A few years ago, he made my sister a wooden box for her chess pieces then asked what I would like him to make for me. I asked for wheat like the wall hanging he had. ...more

The eagle is gorgeous, the time he must have spent on that... The bookends are such a ...more

The Most Expensive Time of The Year

It’s that time of year when my inner-childlike wonder gets mocked by commercialism and stuffed in a stocking with fear. I love the holidays because I have an inexplicable love of holiday songs, things that are flocked and glittered, people singing together, meals that start and end with cookies, and the fact that it’s okay to kiss a hot stranger just because someone hung a twig....more

Clutter-less Gift Giving

Let's face it, December is an expensive time of year! This is my first Christmas season as a single mom so needless to say, I've been thinking about the cost of gift giving a bit more this year. I've actually even been considering craft-type gifts for those on my list and trust me, I'm not a craft person. With a little bit of thought, I'm going to try to keep my spending and clutter-giving Christmas to a minimum this year....more

I like the idea of delaying an expense this way but in general I feel a majority of people have ...more

Gifts for Teachers: Beyond the Apple

Tis the season. How do people feel about monetary collections put towards gift certificates for teachers? I got my e-mail from the classroom mom last week. My husband happened to see the message and claimed that the practice might be unethical - he works at a hospital and cannot accept large gifts from patients. I said I didn't see the difference between 20 small token gifts and one large gift. ...more

Gift Guide for the Kids

There is a plethora of gifts out there for the little ones (thank you Disney, Lego, Mattel and so on) and all of them have their place, but in case you are looking for the type of children’s gift that will be enjoyed well passed Christmas morning and that may just have that heirloom quality… well, you will be happy to know that we have compiled a list just like that, to get you inspired with new ideas for charming gifts for the little people in your life....more

Ten Gifts I'm Giving This Year

Whether you are a strong supporter of Black Friday, prefer to celebrate Buy Nothing Day, or support Small Business Saturday, the holiday shopping season has arrived. Do you know what you're buying? Are there still some holes in your shopping list? Can I help? I thought I'd share ten gifts that I'm giving this year -- even if it means risking the surprise for my family members who hang on every word that I write. (Hi TW! Hi mom! Hi Prince J! Hi! Hi! Hi! Nope, none of these are for you. Really. I swear!) ...more

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Unusual, Fun, Affordable Gifts for Teens and Kidults

Ah, finding gifts the American teenager will love that aren't the latest technology...easier said than done. Some years we succumb but too often 365 days later that "must have" gift is broken or lost,  That's why this season we are RISING UP and thinking outside the tech box. There are many wonderful, fun, useful and affordable gifts out there for teens. Here are our favorites for this year.Nancy G www.justtherightthings.com...more