A Fitness Lover's Gift Guide

This is one of my favorite posts to do all year because, holy crap, do I find some good stuff. Like adjustable dumbbells or a water bottle that tracks your intake or a jump rope that counts for you?!Apparently, I like things that help me and my terrible math skills...But honestly, this is some really cool stuff that I'm pretty sure anybody (but especially the fitness-addict, gym loving, runner type) would love. I also included a few gym clothes that I am most lusting after this winter for your enjoyment!...more

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fitness Lover

It's that time of year!! With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I'd start throwing up some gift ideas that should cover everyone on your list! First up...the fitness lover in your life....more

2016 Book Lovers' Gift Guide

I decided to create my Book Lovers’ Gift Guide a little early this year. Here are some of my favorite finds for the librarian, English major, or just general book lover in your life....more

3 Great Gift Ideas for Grandma

If you're a kid, it's always enjoyable to think up the perfect gift for grandma. Her unconditional kindness is absolutely lovable. When you hear stories about grandma being strict and angry, it is hard to believe. She's always neutral and sometimes even on your side when you fight with your parents. She is always so happy to see you and the rest of the gang! She deserves to smile, and that's why hunting for a gift for grandma is an extra special one! ...more

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is Sunday May 8th aka less than 2 weeks away!I don't know about your mom but mine is HARD to shop for! She has every kitchen gadget in the world, prefers to buy clothing for herself and isn't really into makeup/ beauty products.HMMMMM....That's why when it comes to buying her gifts I really have to think outside of the box. Most of the time I start just thinking about products/ services that I'm LOVING and know she would appreciate as well....more

Holiday Gift Guide for a New Mama

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I love it!  I love the music, the fun family gatherings and activities, the movies, the food, and just plain celebrating and giving thanks....more

5 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Actors

 Photo by Ashley C....more

7 Gifts For The Clubfoot Cutie

 Some might think shopping for a clubfoot baby is a bit tough, so I have come up with this list of goodies to help you out. ...more
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Gift Guide: Gifts for Bloggers under $100

 *This post contains affiliate links, these links do not cost you anything- well, unless you decide to buy something- there is NOT an added charge. When you use the links you help me keep this blog running annnnnd you may even buy me a coffee. Ummm......more

Top Ten BEST & WORST gifts for your man!