Gift Guide for your Guy (Boyfriend, Love, Guy You're Dating)

It’s always stressful to start dating someone new weeks or even a couple of months before their birthday. What’s the gifting protocol? How much do you spend? What do you give?Holidays can be equally stressful for newly minted couples. How much do you spend? What do you give? It’s too soon to spend a lot of money. You likely don’t know each other enough to know what they have always wanted. But you can still get them a gift that they will love, that means something, and that will even give you brownie points for being so awesome....more

11 Unique Frozen Gift Ideas for All Ages

You probably accompanied a little Elsa while trick-or-treating. Or maybe the only song you've heard in the past year is "Let It Go." Or maybe you great people with your name and then say, "And I like warm hugs." Whatever the case and whomever the Frozen lover on your gift list, this guide contains unique items sure to surprise and melt hearts. Let's forego the big box stores and see what our independent, craftsy, awesome sellers have to offer our ice queen lovers....more
Thank you so much for listing my Anna Hat, I saw this and it has made my day- I enjoy creating ...more

Holiday Gift Guide

For many, the holidays are one of the most exciting time of the year - and one of the most stressful! Who wants to spend time in a crowded and hot mall buying the same old boring gifts year after year?...more

Ten Great Gifts for a Grandchild's First Christmas

This will be Johnny Mac Pippin's first Christmas and I'm tempted to bombard him with presents. Except, he'll only be seven months old and won't have the first clue about what the heck's going on. Then again, his parents WILL and I'd like to help them have an awesome holiday since they're so far from home. So -- bombard them with presents, I will. But what to buy, what to buy... ...more
I might be the exception here, but I'm going to speak as a mom. Less is more. It has been an ...more

Best Gifts for Extreme Couponers

Wondering what to give that extreme couponer in your life this holiday season? Hey, she's saving you money. Let her at least be cute about it. (Who are we kidding -- of course it's you, so, hello? Take some of those dollars saved and gear up for a big 2012 of couponing!) ...more
Love watching #ExtremeCouponing but as a professional organizer at Downshifting Professional ...more

Have Yourself a Very Crafty Christmas - A DIY Gift Guide

I took an informal poll on my Facebook page about what crafters would like to find under the tree this year. There were the obvious stocking stuffers like sharp scissors, glitter, Tacky Glue, decoupage medium and paper. Crafting is such a broad spectrum that it really depends on what craft someone is passionate about before you can buy them the perfect gift. I myself am all over the place on what crafts I like. One day I am embroidering, the next day I am casting resin....more
On the Christmas list you wouldn't let me create was a laminating machine.more

5 Cool Valentine's Day Gifts Bloggers Should Ask For

Bloggers are a special breed. (Like you don’t know that already.) When it comes to the perfect gift, we’d pretty much just happy just to have you stumble our posts and retweet our links. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, something a little more romantic is called for. ...more

I am a sucker for anything with handmade art, especially children's art. There are many more ...more

Last Minute Movie Gift Guide: 2010's Best Picks on Discs

What I'm saying is you want to give 2010's best DVD/Blu-ray releases to your loved ones this holiday season. What an excellent choice! New media is especially welcome during winter vacation days, on holiday flights or while trying to entertain permanently ensconced house guests. Here's a short list of some of the coolest releases from last year to make your shopping that much easier, or to tuck away as a little gift to yourself should the next few weeks give you cause for escape. ...more

I'm living under a rock, because I've only heard of about 1/3 of the shows you mentioned. But ...more

Ultimate Holiday Cookbook Gift Guide 2010

Before we get started, have you ever stopped to think about what makes a really good gift? Something relatively unique that you don’t necessarily find in every big-box store. Something that will make people smile -- that will indulge the senses or the imagination or the mind. I think you’ll find one or all of those things here. Happy gifting! ...more

Give Books From Bloggers This Season

Books are one of my favorite gifts to give. Over the last couple of years I've been able to combine my joy of giving books with the fabulous writing I see online by giving people books written by some of my favorite bloggers. There used to be a time when such books were a rarity, but now more and more bloggers are making the transition to books. Here are some recent publications that would be an excellent addition to the bookshelves of those near and dear to you. ...more

Thanks for the list. I like the idea of supporting bloggers with a writing passion. ...more