Gifts for Travelers

 Need a gift for someone who likes to travel? I put together this list of gear I use and love that could be great to give the explorer in your life. Check it out on Travelcraft Journal!  ...more

Cookies In A Jar - A Perfect Gift Idea

I love the idea of giving gifts in Mason Jars. I think it is so unique and creative. With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought I would share with you three EASY Cookie in a Jar Recipes that you can be create in no time. Who doesn’t love cookies, right? Especially when they are gifted to you. These make perfect gifts for any time of year, but especially during the holidays. Plus, they are inexpensive and easy to make....more

Five Gift Basket Ideas for Your Co-Workers This Holiday Season

 When it comes to your co-workers, you want to make sure you are buying thoughtful gifts that don’t break the bank. Here are some great gift baskets to make for those people who work their tails off all year ’round....more

Gift Ideas for Celebrating Dad on His Day!

Hard to believe that it's June already, which means Father's Day will be here before you know it!  I think most Dads will tell you that a homemade card and a hearty breakfast would make their Father's Day, but if you're looking more ideas to spoil the awesome Dad in your life, keep reading:...more

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Maine Mom in Your Life!

Happy Mother's Day week to all of you moms out there.  I thought it would only be fitting to talk about Mother's Day gift ideas.  While most of us moms would be thrilled with a big hug and some handmade art from our little ones, if you're looking for an extra special treat for the Maine mom if you're life, I've got some great ideas!  ...more

Solved! All of Your Toddler Birthday Gift Giving Problems

I remember the first 1-year-old and 2-year-old birthday parties I attended — they were before I had my daughter, and I had no clue what kind of gift I should bring for a baby-child. Overwhelmed, I wandered aimlessly around Toys “R” Us, lost and confused in a sea of Bratz dolls, Lego sets, and age requirements that somehow always seemed too old or too young....more

Valentine's Day play book

In no special order, I've presented my Top 5 Valentine’s Day gift, recommendations titled: Special Order. In the past, the gifts that I’ve recommended, attributed to great last minute gift ideas for men to present to the lady in his life. They have also made great surprise gift ideas that were a part of a more planned surprise, for the ladies. As these list of recommendations became a more popular guide in the hands of men who were trying to determine that perfect gift, they circulated and ended up on the ladies desk....more

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Treat Yo' Self

Girl, you don’t need a date to get you a Valentine’s Day gift. Treat yo’ self with one of these fabulous gifts. You deserve it.  Head to my blog for the rest of this Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Have a happy Valentine's Day!...more