Father's Day Gift Guide

For a man, fatherhood can be one of the most blissful events in his life. That small bundle of joy that comes into his life not only brings with it great pleasures, but also adds a whole new dimension. While mothers are initially given all the special attention, the joy and the sacrifice of a father mostly goes unnoticed. So, to pay homage to all the men who are fathers or father figures, here is a Father’s Day gift guide flush of great gift ideas. Happy Father’s Day!...more
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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ah, mothers… Whoever your mother figure might be, she certainly deserves to be celebrated. This is the woman that gave guidance, has always been there and that, today, loves you unconditionally. Mother’s Day is a day to show appreciation to the woman who helped make us who we are today....more

10 Ideas Under $10 to Make Your Valentine Smile

Loosen up all you Valentine's Day haters! You don't have to buy two dozen red roses, a heart-shaped box of cheap chocolates or a teddy bear to celebrate the holiday right. In fact, making a big impression on your love this Valentine's Day can cost you little to nothing....more

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Gift Guide - That Gives Back

Throughout the pages of The Succulent Wife, you will see numerous articles about companies and products that contribute to making this planet a better place to live on....more

Last Minute Handmade Gift Ideas: Craft up these DIY Bath and Beauty crafts for holiday or winter birthday gifts!

Only a week left until Christmas! It's hard to believe. But if you're not ready yet, it's time to get crackin'! Here are a few handmade DIY bath and beauty gift ideas that you can craft yourself in under a day and still make a big impression under the 'ole Christmas tree!...more