Gift Guide - For Men

Gift Guide - For Teachers

All of us have had a teacher who has had a profound effect on our lives. One that may have influenced us by changing our future path or made us think of things differently....more

Gift Guide - For Families

 This is the time of year when celebrations should all be about family. Getting together and enjoying each others company....more

Top 10 Coolest Novelty (and by that I mean cheap!) Toys For Christmas

According to the National Retail Federation, a record 226 million shoppers visited stores and websites over Thanksgiving weekend. Digging deep into their holiday budgets, the average shopper dropped $398.62 on clothing, electronics and, of course, toys. Add that to the almost $16,000 that the average American family carries in consumer debt and we could be playing, rather paying, for these Christmas gifts for years to come....more

mini tin purses

When my daughter was about nine or ten she loved Altoid mints. This idea for purses made from the tins were a perfect project for her. She found instructions for these tiny tin purses in her American Girl Magazine and was smitten with them. These take me back to the days when my daughter had a short(er) attention span. Back to a time before a good book, an iPod, YouTube, or GoogleMaps, kept her engaged. Crafts that could be created in an hour or two, at the most, were ideal. We created these on a quiet vacation many summers ago. ...more
What a great idea! I absolutely love this :)more

Gift Guide - For Teens and Tweens

Teens and tweens, are some of the hardest people to buy for. That is, unless you buy them the latest and greatest tech gadget… But wait! There are other gift ideas that do not start with the letter ‘i’....more

Gift Guide - For L'il Ones (And Not So Little)

Every day, our kids are bombarded with commercials for toys they must have! Most of these toys will probably hold their attention for about five minutes and end up at the back of their closet....more

Gift Guide - For Her

It is that time of year when we bring you our annual Holiday Gift Guide Series to help you uncover unique, meaningful and simply succulent finds for your gift recipients. Predictably, we will commence with the Gift Guide For Her(one of our favorites) and continue with nine more specialty gift guides this season....more

Green Gift Ideas

Here are some gift ideas for the eco-friendly enthusiast.  Let's go green! Wildflower Seed Bomb, $14 from UncommonGoods: Each reusable muslin pouch holds five seed balls made from clay and worm castings to enrich depleted soil....more - $5.00 Gift Ideas

Need that clever gift idea under id="mce_marker"0? How about one at just $5?...more