Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Nine Gift Ideas for the Body-Loving Human

The holiday season is right around the corner, and sure, I could have picked a handful of ideas ideas to improve your health (seaweed shakes and fish fat toffees, anyone? Don't ask), but where's the fun in that? Good health begins with getting to know your body and considering its many parts as more than just things that occasionally break down to complicate your life. You're a beautiful machine! ...more
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Hostess Gift Guide

4 Frugal and Delightful Gifts for a Best Friend's Baby

My best friend in the world is having her first child this year, and I want to lavish gifts on her and her new family. I know I'm going to adore that kid. I want him to enter this world with everything from a lifetime membership to the National Park system to a magical tollbooth to a silver spoon from Tiffany . ...more
A home cooked meal!more

friends with benefits

Now listen, I don't choose my friends by what I can get out of the relationship, really I don't! But, this year my fig tree failed me (or maybe I failed it, given the drought) so when my friend called a few days ago and said her tree was giving her more figs than she could manage to harvest, and would I like some, well... you know where this is going already, right?I went over and picked the next morning and came home with more figs than I could safely eat before they went bad. In casting about for a different use for figs, I came across this... ...more

DIY Handmade Tea Soap

Tea and soap. They are two of my favorite things. Combine them and what you've got is something amazing! I, myself, have made several tea scented soaps over the years....more

Father's Day Gift Guide

It was during a Mother’s Day church sermon in 1909 that the thought of having a “Father’s Day” was born. Sonora Smart Dodd, in Spokane, Washington was raised solely by her father, after her mother died when she and her five siblings were young. She felt that fathers deserved as much recognition as mothers....more

Graduation Gift Ideas for the College Grad

By Kristin Thomas, College Consultant & Guest Contributor Whether it is a close relative or a friend’s child you barely know, gifting the young college graduate with an appropriate, unique, practical, fun or thoughtful present doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions for a  gift that reflects your style … or that of your recipient....more

And You Thought Valentine's Day was Tricky

By Kristin Fast, Lifestyle Editor and In-House Wit-Cracker Forget the time old idea of Mom and apple pie… today’s mother, as you surely know, is not only bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan, but also volunteering for the school carnival committee and getting to the gym 3 afternoons a week. She is a machine that can juggle separate schedules, knows your shoe size and together you share an irrational love for British Rom-coms. She is your mother and she is awesome....more

Ways to Say "I Love You Mom" - Mother's Day Gift Guide

How do you thank a mother for all that she does for you throughout the year? Whether your children make something at school for you (which mine do) or spend time with you (which I am thankful my teenage son does, at least one day a year), these gift ideas would show any mother just how much they are loved and appreciated....more