How To Make a Flower Ball: A Unique Gift

 I am so in love with this look right now!  A perfectly beautiful piece of art–a flower ball.  This is an original way of showcasing flowers, other than in a vase.This would be a perfect event decor piece (such as for Easter), hung above a table or in an entry way.  You can also give one as a gift–for a friend’s birthday or for your favorite Hostess!The best part about this is in the making of one....more

Homemade gift for dad

A while ago I saw this pin on making some picture coasters from photos and tiles and I’ve been dying to give it a go.With Jon’s birthday coming up I knew the perfect gift for him from his little Peanut.The only problem is that I didn’t get pictures printed and decided to use my own printer.  And then I wasn’t sure about what photos to put on.  And I wanted something more.  So I made these instead....more

Valentine’s Day Is Designed For All the Single Ladies

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909....more

Give Your Best Gift

There is one gift that you can give that is far better than any other, it is the gift of you.  Your time. Your ideas. Your wisdom. Your intellect. Your generosity. Your kindness. These are all unique gifts that only you can give to others.  ”To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.“ ―Steve Prefontaine...more

Last minute Christmas Gifts for Gardeners.

Christmas is right around the corner, and this is a perfect time to get gardening supplies, for yourself, or that gardener in your life. I’ll give some great gift ideas, for the beginning gardener, and even the expert green thumb in your life....more

Christmas Cactus

‘Tis the Season for Christmas CactiChristmas cacti are a very unusual gift if you think about it. A tropical, spiky plant normally does not conjure up ideas of reindeer or Santa Claus. However, for some reason, they caught on. These plants...more

Kitchen Think: Crazed? Here Are Some Last Minute Food-Related Gift Ideas...

Finished your shopping?Don’t stress… here are a few last-minute, under-$30 food-related items that, if you order today, are guaranteed to get there (and fit perfectly!) before Christmas....more

My Coleus is rooting

As you can see, My coleus is starting to root! How cool. In a few more days I can place it in soil and give it away for a Christmas gift. It even has the colors of Christmas! After I plant this fella, I haveanother spot of the coleus that i can propagate as well....more

Facebook Gift

 Facebook Gift ...more

Terrific Tuesday - Heart

Terrific Tuesday - I have a heart that is brave, compassionate and strong and that is terrific!...more