West Elm Art Print Challenge at Minted

West Elm, the purveyors of ultra cool and modern furniture + home decor, recently partnered with Minted, the purveyors of ultra cool and modern stationery + art prints! A match made in heaven, don't you think? The collaboration resulted in an Art Print Challenge at Minted, with the potential of, not only a cash prize of $1000, but also having your art prints sold exclusively at West Elm + Minted....more

The Listening Gift

Gift giving comes in many forms. It can be intangible and it can be subliminal.  During this holiday season of giving perhaps someone new will enter your life. A new friendship may be on the horizon. Wouldn’t it be great going in with a new skill?  This skill is called Active Listening.Active listening is a term used in many forms of coaching. It requires stillness and total presence with no judgment, no need to be right, defensive nor should there be any distraction.  Without pure objectivity, you cannot really hear. ...more

Hot drinks for cold nights!

Eventhough I only have a miniscule role to play, I love being a part of the blogging community. How amazing is it that you get to connect with all these awsome and inspirational people from all over the world and be allowed to take a peek into their lives? It's really an endless ocean of information and inspiration that I just love to dive into....more

Giving the Gift of Macaroni and Cheese

Great idea and who doesn't like mac & cheese/more

Reverb 2013 - Day 2

Gift giving and receivingFor me, this year, the two are actually one - Baby Boy. I was given the pleasure of becoming his parent as well as having aided in giving Baby as a gift to Hun. Honestly, even with all the difficulties I've had to date, there is nothing better than him. This year was amazing in that way....more

Holiday Gift Guide for the Moms in Your Life

So I have decided to make up some gift guides for the holidays. I know many people struggle with what to buy people for Christmas and that's part of the reason they go out and buy gifts on Christmas Eve. Of course, this isn't the only reason, some people are just procrastinators... cough cough...like me...cough. I have been getting progressively better with buying gifts ahead of time though, this year we will probably all have it completed on time. HOORAY! ...more
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I am a quiet person and always have been.But my spirit has not always been quiet.When I was a child I had a temper and it flared often.I learned to control it when I was a teenager.It was then I realized anger had other outlets.My anger was quiet…rarely loud.But it was mean and spiteful.I hurt many people.I hurt myself....more

What To Do With My Old iPhone?

I have a little known secret: I still have every iPhone i've ever bought. I remember it just like it was yesterday...it wasn't. I was in summer school in undergrad and the iPhone had just released in my area. I stood in line for what seemed hours before I dropped my entire summer savings on the iPhone. Looking back, I could have just waited until someone else bought the 3G....but I just HAD to have it!...more

CLEVER FIND: Red Cups Living – It’s not just a cup. It’s a lifestyle.™

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief EditorGood weather is the sign to break out the lawn chairs and invite friends and family over. A time to knock back a few cold ones and give a toast to good friends, good weather and good drinks! I am sure we all have those large red plastic cups in our cupboard, because you never know when people will just stop by when the weather turns warm....more

How To Make a Flower Ball: A Unique Gift

 I am so in love with this look right now!  A perfectly beautiful piece of art–a flower ball.  This is an original way of showcasing flowers, other than in a vase.This would be a perfect event decor piece (such as for Easter), hung above a table or in an entry way.  You can also give one as a gift–for a friend’s birthday or for your favorite Hostess!The best part about this is in the making of one....more