Gifted Women, Gifted Girls and Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and while mental health concerns affect everyone, women face distinct challenges. Women possess unique biochemical and hormonal influences that predispose them to certain mental illnesses, and they respond differently to environmental stresses....more

What color is 7? New study on synesthesia

Two of my cousins have this. Both are girls, but they are cousins, not sister. When they were younger, they associated letters and numbers with certain colors. The letter B was always yellow, or the number three was always green. I think they've both grown out of it now - which this recent study found does happen.Apparently, this is the first longterm study on children with grapheme-color synesthesia, which made for some really interested findings....more

Choosing the right college for gifted students

Finding the “right” college for a gifted, high ability student seem like a full-time job. Just when advocating for appropriate educational services might seem to be over, the weighty impact of choosing the best college looms large. What is best for a gifted child? Is it a high-reach, tippy-top ivy league or liberal arts school? A small, non-traditional college where the student receives a lot of individual attention? A prestigious technology school?  A large university with an honors college?...more

Public High School Survival Guide for gifted students

How can gifted students get the most out of public high school? What does it take to create an inviting, supportive learning environment? Can a highly gifted student survive public school and feel confident, happy and socially engaged? Most public schools scramble to meet the educational needs of gifted individuals (see link for an example of necessary educational goals)....more

Let's not call them "gifted"

It happens at some point in most school districts across the country. A parent, teacher, or curriculum specialist meets with the school board to propose a modest increase in gifted services. It could be a middle school accelerated math class, a fourth-grade pull-out science group, another high school AP class. After a few respectful nods, the questions begin. How would this affect the kids who aren’t identified as gifted?...more

After Thirteen Years, This

We pretty generally follow the routine. I was raised to do so. So, was my husband. But, what does one do when the routine isn't working? What happens when the way things have been done, since, like, FOREVER, is no longer producing the desired effect? At least not in its place and time, for a certain person. And what if that person is your child? And what if the routines are the grand institutions of public and private education?...more
@FatCat FatCat! Thanks for coming by and I am late replying to my Comments. I like to savor each ...more

The Circle of Life

Who has two thumbs and forgot to unbuckle her seat belt before attempting to exit her car in the grocery store parking lot yesterday?Me.Clearly, I'm gifted. No. Really. I was in the Gifted and Talented program in elementary school. I have a certificate and everything.Surprised?Well, obviously the criteria for getting into the program wasn't all that rigorous, but there I was, for Grades 2 through 5, in the G/T program....more

Hey! That's My Kid You're Talking About!

Here's the link to my post for 11/15. I just didn't get it posted before midnight.

In Defense of Gifted Children

Before you get all huffy, hear me out:I don't believe that my children are "gifted" (or "advanced" or "exceptional"). I don't believe that anyone's children should be labeled "gifted", because that label defaults other children to be "non-gifted" or "delayed" or "un-exceptional". How is that fair? Don't all of our children have gifts? Isn't that the miracle of children - that they arrive with this passion to DO, to GO, to LEARN - despite our best efforts to make them stop, slow down, and be quiet?...more

The Irony of Standardized Testing in the NCLB World

Stephanie had to sit for standardized testing for the last two days.  Things have come a long way since I was a kid, carefully filling in those ovals with the #2 pencil.  Instead she sits at a computer, answering the multiple choice questions.   The test program our district (and the state) uses is the Measure of Academic Progress (aka "MAPS Test"), provided by Northwest Evaluation Assessment.  It seems to be a well thought out program, in that the test adjusts to meet the skills of the test taker.  Should the student ...more