How to help gifted children survive the middle school years

Just when life seemed manageable, middle school-aged children face confusion and uncertainty. Social demands, hormonal changes, and a burgeoning sense of independence challenge the self that once was. New worlds unfold, and the old rules from elementary school don't work any more. Neither child nor adult, they must discover who they are and how to define themselves....more

What is so threatening about the "gifted" label?

What is it about the "gifted" label that creates such controversy?...more

Why some teachers don't "get it" about gifted education

Most teachers care about their work. Most would like nothing better than to be able to meet each child’s educational needs, teach creatively and instill a love of learning in their students. Then why are gifted children so frequently overlooked, undereducated and unstimulated? Why do so many parents feel that their child’s teacher just doesn’t “get it” about gifted education? At first glance, you might think that teaching a gifted child would be a pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to teach a curious, deep-thinking learner who absorbs information like a sponge?...more

Gifted education "lite": Helping your child adapt

When a child is identified for gifted services, parents usually feel relief. “Finally, my child will get the education he needs.” “Now she’ll be challenged and energized by learning.” But what many parents soon realize is that the much anticipated gifted program has gaping holes, glaring inadequacies and an array of watered-down services. It starts to look more like “gifted lite” than a bona fide educational plan.It’s not that most schools don’t attempt to meet gifted children’s needs....more

Top blogs about gifted children, gifted education and parenting

There are so many great blogs about gifted children, adolescents and adults, each of which provide a somewhat different perspective....more

Link to great article - don't neglect the nation's gifted students

Excellent article in the Des Moines Register about gifted children both in Iowa and throughout the nation, and the national policy decision-making that may affect them. Specifically, the author mentions that Iowa has a LAW against early enrollment of children in Kindergarten. Really? I found this astonishing, and it ties in well with my previous post. Here's a clipping and a link. Your thoughts?...more

Why I Chose To Homeschool

This is my first attempt at blogging so forgive my newbieness. I am the proud mother of three children ages 8,6, and 4.  The oldest is a boy and the other two girls. I wanted to share my homeschooling journey which seems to differ from so many out there.  The choice to homeschool was not an easy one for me.  I was a mom who was working mom, with little desire to not follow the traditional send your kids off in the morning and help with homework in the afternoon.  That was until I understood what that meant for my kids. ...more

Are magnet schools cheating students out of a good education?

My son is 3 and a half years old, which means it's long past time for me to be obsessing over his K-12 education. We got lucky with his daycare/preschool; it happened to be the first one we looked at and there was an opening, so we pounced on it. And it's awesome. But increasingly I'm hearing parents talk about moving their kids to a "real" preschool, whatever that means. My kid's learning his letters and colors and some great songs. Does he really need kindergarten prep? ...more
Teachers, parents and peers all have influence on the academic success of the child. It's not ...more

What's up with gifted education? The blogosphere speaks its mind

I have mixed feelings about the state of gifted education in the U.S. today. These feelings come from too many sources to name, but here are a few: 1. I was identified as a gifted child when I was six years old, and remained in gifted courses through high school graduation. I benefited tremendously from these special classes. When I took some mainstream classes in high school, I felt something, some spark, was missing from the classroom, even when I had great teachers. 2. As recently as 2005, 30 percent or more of children in my town were identified as gifted. And that's when the benchmark for giftedness was set at a score at the 95th percentile or higher on a standardized test. ...more

My son is currently in the gifted program. My daughter will be entering the program this year. ...more