A Gifted Child with a Glitch in His System

I consider it a privilege and an honor to homeschool my son. I can clearly see all the unique gifts God has given him. I received an e-mail from a friend on the journey who is also homeschooling her son. She put it so perfectly when she said, "...now I see I'm doing it more because of my son's talents rather than any of his issues. The school...couldn't nurture his intellect in a way that was meaningful....more

I Didn't Always Have Regrets

Do you have regrets?  Thoughts about decisions you made in the past that may not have panned out the way they should have?As an adult, I've generally tried to live my life without regret...I take the approach that every experience in one's past contributes to the Present Person that they are.  I don't fret about the fact that my husband was married before, and unlike a lot of second wives, never really have.  I feel as if his first marriage helped to form the man that is my husband now. ...more

Self-Doubt: Parenting a Gifted Child

When I walked in to pick up my son from preschool on that chilly November afternoon, Miss Terry greeted me at the door and asked if she could speak with me for a moment.  She had Pat's first "report card" and wanted to chat with me. ...more

Anatomy lesson: The Tragus

Since I'm not a big piercer, I had never been exposed to the word tragus. ...more

That's It--I'm taking away the Atlas!

Have you ever threatened to take away a book in the heat of disciplining your child? I have. Just last week, I told my son that if he didn’t start behaving at school, I was going to take away his National Geographic 2009 World Atlas. This was big stuff—he knew I must be serious if I was threatening to withhold his atlas. You probably think I’m joking. I wish. My boy has a passion for books, an unslakeable thirst for knowledge, and an inexplicably accurate and detailed memory....more

I giggle at the 'towel trick'!  You probably had a problem with flashlights, ...more

A Work In Progress...Kids, Kids, Kids

I’m compiling a list of links for browsing to provide information, encouragement, understanding and support. From time to time links change so please notify me in the comments section if a link isn’t working OR if you want to add a link. Note: Some of these links contain products or services which I am NOT endorsing because I’ve not tried them. These links are for information and the additional links they provide to other helpful sites. Link Directory: www.ed.gov/databases/eric_digests/ed351150.html Test Taking Help: http://www.testtakingtips.com ...more