Can a "Gilmore Girls" Fangirl Fall in Love with "Bunheads?"

Last month, I read a YA novel called Bunheads and discussed it briefly with my partner who mentioned that there was going to be a Bunheads TV show. I knew this, and whispered to myself, "created by Amy Sherman-Palladino (ASP)" -- and I'm pretty sure I sighed, too. Any Gilmore Girls (GG) fan will understand this....more
 @Stephanie in Sarajevo  I don't think so.   Lorelai always wanted a family. She wanted to be a ...more

You've Never Seen Rocky Horror? I've Never Seen Gilmore Girls! What's Your Pop Culture "I Never?"

That news was shocking. Rocky Horror Picture Show seems like such an iconic piece of pop culture that I think I've assumed that most people of a certain age and demographic background have seen it at least once. If not dozens of times (ahem). Some virgins have rushed to see it before watching the Glee version, others couldn't care less--and of course countless others haven't ever seen Glee. Great Scott, it's astounding! (FYI, thatlast sentence is a joke that you only will understand if you have seen RHPS. And so it goes.) ...more

Despite having a sister and best friend who were obsessed with Star Wars (had the costumes, went ...more

Good-bye Sweet Lorelei

I hate to admit this. No, I REALLY do hate it. But it looks like I am going to have to limit my TV watching. I know, I know, big deal, right? Let me give you some background though because,for me, this is monumental.The television is my little boxed-shaped friend. It has been my constant comfort and source of entertainment since I was old enough to blink. I have watched so many re-run episodes of Gilmore Girls that I am sure that if I ever have a daughter I'll name her Lorelei....more

A world without Lorelei Gilmore? That world would be harsh. Humour-less and Amy ...more

Milo Ventimiglia on Heroes

I bought the 1st Season of HEROES the other day on DVD and I can't stop watching!  I remember watching several episodes when it first came on, but it's even better watching on DVD so there aren't any commercials.     My main reason for loving this show is MILO VENTIMIGLIA.  He plays the character Peter Petrelli on the show and is, to me, the best character!  Why he is not the biggest star in the world is just beyond me. ...more

Learning how to kiss.

I daydreamed that I would teach my daughter how to kiss. No, not in some creepy kind of way but as in I’m the cool hip mom. Hoping that we would have this semiotic, close relationship like on Gilmore Girls. Who knows? Maybe we will. Right now she still craps her pants several times a day so I’m working on that first. ...more