There’s a New Gin in Town: Bogart’s Gin

ROK Stars launches a liquid hommage to Humphrey Bogart. -PJ Gach ...more

Make Your Own Gin (no bathtub necessary)

[image via The HomeMade Gin Kit] ...more

Gin O’Clock

 One of the most popular searches that bring people to my blog is Gin. I bloody LOVE the stuff! As it’s the weekend, I thought I’d post a few more cocktail recipes that I intend to try out very soon. I’ve been staying in a lot lately whilst we save to go away to San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a sneaky tipple or two.Let’s see how these all go down shall we.Cosmic Granny...more

On Rhubarb-Infused Gin

After several unsuccessful attempts to bring the flavor of rhubarb to a summer cocktail (see here and here), my friend Betsy Delph deserves full credit for the following success....more

Thanks Victoria! I've been creeping around my kitchen trying to find other things I can soak in ...more

Seasonal Cocktail: 'Bloodthirsty': Aroma Cucina

And it all started with a tweet.  Here's a new cocktail that can only be enjoyed in season. Go out and find some blood oranges and imbibe!

A waft of Chanel No 5, the fizz of a Gin & Tonic and a book quiz failure...

I finally got round last night to reading Saturday’s Guardian magazine....more

A New Cocktail Called "The Garage Sale"

Sitting outside having a cocktail while hubby sells our stuff in a garage sale. What is the cocktail I am having?  Well it is this:...more

Cocktails With a Touch of Spring Fever

I always had some idea that cocktails were seasonal. Manhattans always seemed wintry to me, while mojitos and gin and tonics seemed much more appropriate for sipping on a patio in warmer weather. But I've come to learn how lovely it can be to pair a beverage with the season, to use seasonal ingredients to make cocktails and mocktails that go perfectly with the time of year. Now that we're firmly nestled into Spring, here are some ideas for drinks that go along with flowering trees, new grass and temperatures that fluctuate from balmy to chilly, sometimes all in the same day. ...more


I can totally get how you would associate that piney smell with Christmas trees -- ...more

Cocktails: Bailout Gin Lemonade

When life gives you lemons – put them in booze. You know the economy is bad when Confederate dollars are worth more than GM stock, and Monopoly money is up 2 to 1 against the US dollar.  (Apparently, Monocle Guy did not get into sub-prime mortgages.  He stuck to a strict “four houses for one hotel” policy.) ...more

Emo + Gin Bucket = A Very Bad Idea

I really feel pretty wretched this morning. Last night was pretty much the worst night I’ve had out in a long time. This post is written as well as my memory will allow, for there was drink taken. To set the scene: Tim drunk-dialed me at 1:30 am on Friday morning, wanting to come over. I told him he couldn’t, I was kinda hanging out with his buddy Fireman, it would be a bad thing for both of us, etc. He didn’t like this answer, but in the morning I received a text from him: “Thanks for being a good girl last night.” Well, that was nice. ...more