Speaker Spotlight: Pathfinders Gina McCauley, Katherine Stone & Debbie Bookstaber

This year, BlogHer's annual conference will be preceded by Pathfinder Day, a day-long intensive intended to provide inspiration, ideas, even answers for bloggers who've reached a crossroads and asked themselves: Where do I go from here?...more

Blogging While Brown 2009: An Interview with Gina McCauley of What About Our Daughters

Have you heard of Gina McCauley?  If you haven't, listen up--this is a woman who's on the cutting edge of the internet and social media and you need to get to know her right now.  If you do know who she is, read the following interview anyway, because I defy you not to be inspired by her story, her passion and her good old fashioned smarts.  Just the kind of black woman the MSM almost never talks about. ...more

Gina is doing some great work, and it was such a pleasure to be with a group of bright and ...more