Natural Remedies for Pain Management

As I may have mentioned before, I have degenerative disc disease from a back injury. It’s been a battle dealing with all of the day-to-day pain and the pain that comes on suddenly that’s unbearable....more

Raspberry Ginger Baked Salmon

Why does all of your food always look so mouth-watering? I'm trying this recipe soon!more

My Clumsy Ginger

Owen…my youngest child.  My giant boy.  My snuggler.  My singing partner…………………….Is super duper clumsy....more

While I Watch Her...(A Caretaker's Cooking Journey)

Chewy Ginger Spice Cookies...more

Gingersnap Cookies

Chewy Gingersnap CookiesCookies with molasses and spices, from gingerbread men to old fashioned molasses cookies, just scream Christmas to me. As a child, I loved being able to help in the kitchen; and I especially loved decorating the cookies. When researching the history of these cookies, I found that they evolved from the traditional German cookie, Lebkuchen, which was invented by German monks in the thirteenth century....more

Gingerbread Cookies in a Jar

Gingerbread CookiesWell, it is time. It’s time to go in the kitchen, gather your ingredients, and make magic.  When you think about what you start with, all that flour, sugar and butter goodness, and the delicious results you end up with, it is wondrous!!  A true Christmas miracle.Gingerbread cookies are my family’s favorite.  The wafting smell of cinnamon, ginger and cloves brings everyone to the kitchen.  They can’t even wait until they are cool....more

Laughter....with a Ginger

The boys and I laugh.  Laugh and joke and giggle.  I’m truly still 10 when I crack jokes and be gross with my 2 Ginger boys.  And they find their nutty mom to be a jackwagon, I’m sure.  But we try.We still laugh, but we’ve had a rough year.  Rough, long year.  Not funny.  Not happy.  Periods of no laughs.  No reason to laugh.  It was hard for me to MAKE myself laugh. I tried.  They got their laughs back.  Me?  Fake laughs, for sure.  Real ones?  Not really. Empty of good laughs....more