The Future for Our On-line Shopping

One of the recent and rising conclusions of our time in the e-commerce shopping world is that the compact, portable, and necessary little device called the mobile is the burgeoning future of Internet shopping....more

Fancy Pants!

Meet my new best friend: Indi jeans is a new arrival to the premium jeans market, but is different from the others - each pair of jeans is custom designed and then tailored to your body. Indi offers both men's and women's jeans and offers a ton style possibilities; boot cut, flare, capri, tapered, flap pocket, fading, material, color, and on and on and on! ...more

I shopped 'til I dropped at the Natick Collection

For those of you just tuning in, I spent Friday at the Grand Opening of the Natick Collection and Nordstrom. When I last left you, I was just finishing up my Dior makeover. Fruits & Passion ...more

A Girl Must Shop at Nordstrom and the Natick Collection

How many ladies do you think would get out of bed at the crack of dawn and attend a beauty tailgating party? ...more