'Bad Girl' Hillary: 'Unliked', 'Unpopular', & (Totally) On Top of the World

How we can, and Hillary is, fighting the tough-girl stereotype. (Hey, if this is being 'unlikeable and 'unpopular', as her critics say, well, Ill have some of that!)...more
You are right.  There is definitely a double standard for Hillary and I think a lot of it is ...more

5 Marvel Heroines Every Woman Should Watch

With Netflix’s release of the second season of Daredevil in March, we closed another chapter in the story of a strong Marvel superhero. Daredevil’s character appeals directly to the male audience, but what about ladies as leads? As a Marvel fan, I can promise you there are some incredibly awesome female heroines in the comic book realm — women who represent strength, courage and are awe-inspiring.  Here are my 5 Marvel Heroines Every Woman Should Watch. Agent Peggy Carter ...more

4 Girl Power Podcasts To Download Today

I am a podcast nerd. I listen to them as often as I can. Podcasts are how I glean most of my pop culture and current events knowledge. I actively worry about losing friends because my sentences so often start with “I heard in this one podcast…” I fell in love with this medium about three years ago when I discovered they were an A+ stress reliever, with the added benefit of being super informative....more

I will always remember my first....

Subject: Thanks so much for the email!Dear Random Internet Guy,...more

When Bad Decisions Make Good Friends


My Husband Couldn't Fix the Refrigerator, but I Could!

I'm not really that great at fixing stuff, never really have been.  I mean, I'm getting pretty good at building things and recreating ideas that pop into my head, or putting Barbie's head back on, but as far as like being the girl who changes her own oil or anything like that. Not me. ...more


We have always been a dress up kind of family. My mom has spent hours meticulously constructing costumes....more

7 Books that Celebrate Girl Power, in Honor of International Women's Day

Today marks the 103rd celebration of International Women's Day, an annual day set aside to  celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. How will you celebrate with all the women - young and old - in your life? ...more
peaceforus4ever - thanks for thatmore

Girly Arms & Other Insults

My friend is the mother of two beautiful, bright, creative boys. And she is a great mom (and friend). But the other day she insulted my daughter. Unintentionally, of course. (this isn't about what she said, but the important issue that was raised,  so please don't read this as a criticism of another mom... just a learning moment for us both!)....more

Depressed Over a GUY???

Were you dumped recently? Are you going through boyfriend/husband drama? Are you in a bad place where you’re feeling unwanted, alone and depressed?Well you’re definitely not alone. I’d take a wild guess that millions of ladies across the globe are going through the same exact thing as you are. Right at this moment. They might not ever admit it out loud, but they are....more
@singleaussiegirl hey aussiegirl, most definitely not!more