Biracial Best Friends

I have spent a lot of time pondering how our daughter will respond to her first day of kindergarten. She seems to get the general understanding of what lies ahead...but I can't help but be a little skeptical. Her very best friend in the world is a little girl in her class that is also biracial. Our daughter and her act as though they are old lost souls. I always wondered what drew them together. They have a large class filled with many diverse kids, but they have a connection that is unbreakable. ...more

Its the hardest thing in the world to send our little ones out into the world of the dreaded ...more

When Do You Feel Beautiful?

Last night I saw a powerful and disturbing film America the Beautiful and met its amazing filmmaker, Darryl Roberts. Thanks to The Emily Program Foundation for bringing him to Minneapolis. ...more

How to Counter Harmful Tween & Teen Magazines Part 2

How to Counter Harmful Tween & Teen Magazines - Part Two My daughters are 27 now (twins) and never acquired the habit of relying on fashion magazines for advice about life. That's not to say that they never read them! ...more

I like your suggestions because they encourage critical thinking in your daughters and prevent ...more

How to Counter Harmful Tween and Teen Magazines

How to Counter Harmful Tween & Teen Magazines - Part One University of Minnesota research finds that teen girls "who frequently read magazine articles about dieting were more likely five years later [emphasis added] to practice extreme weight-loss measures ... than girls who never read such articles." ...more

Rule 1: If you plan on having your child sleep  in your bed as a baby; then be prepared to suffer the consequences ...more

Teen Room Decor Ideas

A friend of mine has hired me to design her teenage daughters room. Since I don't have any daughter's of my own, I'm so excited for the opportunity! I've been researching ideas and have found some pretty fun ideas. I thought I'd pass them along to you... ...more

Here is a fun idea for a teenage girl. I turned a grotty basement room into a cool teenage ...more

Pride & Prejudice Gift Ideas

Do you have a friend who's birthday is coming up and she's a Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice fanatic? Well, you're in luck! She'll love these Pride & Prejudice themed gift ideas: Don't Eat Darcy! ...more

Brothers' room

Chrissy, number six of seven siblings, is the only female child in the Little Studies family. When she was three years old, Chrissy refused to sleep in her designated bedroom. She had been temporarily assigned the bottom bunk in the bedroom with two bunk beds. The other three slots were filled by her 13-, 11-, and 9-year-old brothers. Mom suspected that it was the girl-boy thing for Chrissy … already. ...more

Pink or Blue…. Does it Really Matter?

Here’s the deal. Of course, I want a healthy baby and the sex doesn’t really matter. However, I wouldn’t be totally honest if I didn’t say that after two boys in blue a little pink baby girl would be great. Okay, it would be fantastically great. Alright, alright, it’s what I’ve always wanted (at least since, I’ve wanted to have kids). That doesn’t make me bad person, mother, or human, does it? ...more