In Pursuit of Balance (wine balance, that is)

    4 wine words not to fear, for they are your friends ...more

The True Beauty of Girlfriends

We all have friends.  In school we had friends we played tag with, other friends we shared are secrets with, other friends we got in trouble with, and other friends that stayed over your house, so much they became family.  As I grow older, I am noticing a significant difference in the friends I have now, as an adult, than I did as a child, or even a young-adult.  I now can sa...more

Planning a Bachelorette Party? Check out my three tips!

I have been on my fair share of bachelorette parties. I’ve been to the wineries for the day, Hampton’s for the night, Atlantic City for the weekend. I’ve been bar-hopping in New York City and I’ve line-danced in Nashville. Every bachelorette party was unique to the bride. They were all fun in their own special way, and when it came time for my bachelorette, I wanted to make sure all the bases were covered. My matrons of honor (yes, I had three) were set on planning something for me, but I wanted to take the reins on this one....more

Why We Need Girlfriends

Ladies, it’s time for a wee bit of men bashing.  We all love our husbands or significant others and can’t live without them, but we also can’t live without our girlfriends.  This isn’t so much a post to be down on the guys, but more of a validation of “Why We Need Girlfriends”.   ...more

So THAT'S why they call it an "Adult" store

-By Zoe (@zoeshrugged on Twitter)Before I begin, let me start by stating that I am not the kind of girl who talks freely about her lady parts. I’m not a Samantha, a Carrie, and especially not Lena Dunham with her stupid face and awkward naked body that she feels the need to show off. (Good luck getting that image out of your head.) I’m one of the good girls.  ...more

The Bachelor and Dolly

Julie from Just JulesAs you know, my life is an adventure with lot's of weird stories that make sense to me. I hear it all the time, "Julie, your life is so weird." I haven't lived a cooKie cutter life.  My experiences have made me unique and I'm content with that.  So I just share my random life stories with my readers instead. ...more

Kathy and Judy are Returning to Girlfriend-Land

Have you heard the news?!?! Kathy O'Malley and Judy Markey are returning to fill the airwaves at WGN Radio with their signature brand of smart, hilarious fabulosity. I can't wait!Fans of the "Girlfriends" will know what a big deal this is. ...more

Wherever you go there you are

I couldn't wait to hop in the car and head to Nashville to see my friends and family. I was ready to go back and visit this place filled with memories and dotted with friends. What it's sometimes hard to account for is the actual feeling of returning to a place you once lived.  When I drove by this Memphis sign, the wave of nostalgia that rolled over me was happy and bittersweet and complicated....more