Widowed or Widow

My husband Tony died  very unexpectedly. And, recently,  a dear friend said to me that she sees me as "widowed" and not as a "widow".   Wow, that  struck me because one word  (widow) defines me and the other word (widowed) states what has happened to me.  Yes, I have been widowed, and yet, I am still me slowly moving forward In grief and joy.  Geri Conetta ColucciHilton Head, SC ...more

Five Reasons Every Mom Needs a Girls' Night Away

 "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.' "- C.S. Lewis ...more

Friendships and feeling like the odd girl out

When I was in eighth grade I tried out for the role of Yenta the Matchmaker in the school’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. Prior to tryouts, I spent hours in my room practicing how to sound like a Jewish grandmother – the kind who “doesn’t want to bother anyone, she’ll just sit in the dark.”Much to my disappointment, the part went to Cindy Berkowitz, who was the only other girl able to channel her inner Yenta and, perhaps not so coincidentally, was best friends with the girl who had already nabbed the part of Golde, the female lead....more

How to Keep Your Long-Distance Friendships Hot

I have a lot of BFFs (or what some on my Facebook page have deemed “breasties”.) Some of them I’ve known since my teens and some more recently in my Mommy years, and I love them all.But unfortunately, I move around. A lot. Or they get married and start a life somewhere besides where we went to college (I know, shocking.)So maintaining those friendships can be tough. Add in multiple kids, work schedules, family issues and everything else life throws at you, and it can be hard to stay in touch....more

The Friendship Exodus Of Your 20s: Where Did They Go?

You start your twenties in the midst of two goodbyes. The friends you left behind in high school that you vowed to keep touch with are starting to fade away as trips home get shorter and fewer and further between. In a year or two, you’ll be saying goodbye to the group surrounding you in college as you move on toward first jobs, old family bedrooms, beginning lives, and new friends....more
Lisa Thomson  I would love to read this from a forty-ish perspective.  I totally get that ...more

Forever, Ever - Ship

Mom always said, “A good friend is the one you can immediately rekindle with even after a long time apart.”I had a ‘friend’ who tried to own me.  It took me a while to realise the ‘friendship’ was really just a ‘hership’.  Today we would call it a toxic relationship.  It was difficult but liberating to end.  ...more

Friends: A gift that keeps on giving.

Why can't women be more like men? I mean it; men are so much easier to manage (husbands excluded). If they don't like you, they just call you a dick and walk away. If you blurt out a naughty word or tell an off color joke, they don't care; they just hit the floor laughing, while tossing out their best one liner to level out the playing field... It's a wonder why most of my friends wear boxers, not briefs....more

On Adult Friendships

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf This morning as I was perusing through the twitterverse, I encountered a quote that so aptly explains my pondering on adult friendships....more

Sometimes You Just Have To Take Time and Show A Little Love

 I just have to start this post by saying  that I go to THE most wonderful church! EVER! IN THE WORLD! AMEN!WHEW.Now I feel better that everyone is aware of that!...more